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Coaching the Coach: The Basics

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Coaching the Coach: The Basics

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Thank you for your interest in this booklet.  The "The Basics" series, is a series of booklets designed to help you get the basics or foundations about a subject.  Time is one of our most precious resources and as such it does not comeback, for that reason the Amber siblings have created this series.  It is a series of small quick and easy to read and understand booklets, designed to give you a quick idea on a subject.  Instead of spending a lot of time and money on a subject to find out that it is not what you expected, this series allows you to get a quick overview, without spending a lot of time or money.  If you then find that it is a subject of interest you can invest more time and/or money.  Since this is a booklet it is short in pages as it is designed to get to the point quickly.
This booklet is titled "Coaching the Coach: The Basics" and covers:

Basics About Coaching
Teach Goal Planning
Importance of Tracking Progress
Self Confidence
And More...

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