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Did You ever meet someone and feel like you've known them all you life? Did you ever see a stranger across the room and fall in love before a single word was spoken? Have you been with a person that made you feel complete as if they are part of your soul? Has loneliness put and empty cavern in your heart and you wonder if anyone can fill that emptiness? Rachel had felt that loneliness and asked for a soul mate. Her request was granted and Edward came into her life. Pieces of their souls were exchanged and their lives were forever altered. Lifetime after lifetime they found each other. Miles, not even oceans, can keep soul mates apart. Having a soul mate does not guarantee happiness, as Rachel had hoped, or create a refuge from the troubled world we live in. Rachel and Edward accepted life in any condition as long as they could be together. They faced overpowering problems but always fought to regain their life together - AGAIN.

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