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Against the Grain

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Against the Grain is a gritty, introspective look at Brent Waldos childhood growing up in the 80s. Nothing is sugar coated while he guides you through his triumphs and struggles as if you were living them right alongside him. From his first sexual experience in a movie theatre while his dog was tied up out front, to harrowing tales of his times as a commercial fisherman in Alaska. Its creatively honest, sometimes funny, other times not. He tackles some of todays political hot topics with a head on mentality and makes zero apologies. From first jobs, girlfriends, and flight school, to college days and misadventures travelling the globe. Theres a little bit of each and every one of us in this book, thats what makes it so appealing. So throw your feet up on the coffee table, grab a cold beer, and dig in. In no time at all, youll feel like youve been spending time with a long lost buddy.
All the while your tray table should be in the upright and locked position and pay no attention to your overworked underpaid bitchy flight attendants; their bosses took all their money! Lets go for a ride!

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