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Life Is a Boomerang

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Life Is a Boomerang

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Bea and John meet in Tokyo at the end of the 1960. He is immediately smitten by Bea, who is an extrovert Argentine brought up in the strictest fashion by her Catholic parents despite the fact that she is a model and has a busy social life supervised by her father.
John is British, was educated at a boarding school, and comes from a Church of England family. His mother is not taken by this charming girl and influences her son in doubting that the relationship can survive the differences in their backgrounds.
John encourages Bea that it will be good for her to see what life is like in England, before they get married. She embarks on a trip that opens her eyes to a completely new world.
But could this trip help their marriage succeed when there is also a war between their countries looming in the future?
The poignancy of this tale of love, courage and occasional heartbreak is only revealed to the reader in the last turn of the boomerang.
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