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The Pig, Bear, and the Pear: The Pear Meets the Pig and Bear

The Pig, Bear, and the Pear: The Pear Meets the Pig and Bear

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The Pig, Bear, and the Pear: The Pear Meets the Pig and Bear

4/5 (1 peringkat)
49 pages
12 minutes
Apr 3, 2013


The long-lost Pear wondered and wondered, Why am I so different? The Pear could not find anywhere in the world to belonguntil finally, with the help of a wise and caring teacher, pear makes an exciting discovery and sets foot on a path arriving at the warm home of the Pig and Bear. Pear has wonderful news for them. Will Pig and Bear be pleased?

This original story echoes some of lifes real moments with a surprising twist that celebrates diversity as a group of new friends discover acceptance and love for one another. Both a wonderful childrens story and a unique cookbook, this innovative tool brings families of all kinds together to share of themselves, celebrate differences, and understand lifes lessons with those around them.

Enter an imaginary world where a cast of unique and endearing characters find hope and acceptance after an enchanted journey of spirit and friendship.

Apr 3, 2013

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Angela Gonzalo is the chick-in-charge of That Girl Can Cook, a personal chef company in Hawaii. She aims to personally motivate, inspire, and educate young and old alike to create and share with those they love, changing their lives one meal and one story at a time.

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The Pig, Bear, and the Pear - Angela Gonzalo

Copyright © 2013 Angela Gonzalo.

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ISBN: 978-1-4624-0576-3 (sc)

ISBN: 978-1-4624-0577-0 (e)

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