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Now, It's Time for the Nu-Beings

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Now, It's Time for the Nu-Beings

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Of all the myriad levels of knowing and believing concerning the true Nature of human beings, humanity has come to this eagerly anticipated zenith of occurrences which redefines that level of knowing and believing. A fascinating and eventful time period has arrived in our generation. The knowledge of this event that many call The Golden Era of Humanity or apathetically speaking "The New Age", is a reality that being experienced NOW! Yes life has begun refashioning itself right before the eyes of every single living thing on this planet. As for humans, every single aspect of existence from the attitudes we espouse to the foods we eat is undergoing a remodeling of cosmic proportions. We are now past the question of are we ready for this change? and have moved into the realm of "we are the ones creating this change!" This is what we all came here to do! It's time for NU-minds, NU-hearts, NU-souls, NU-spirits, and NU-lives! Know that this NU-ness is not something foreign to U. Its actually something that is already N-U (in you)! Its your time! Its my time. Its time for the NU-Beings!
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