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Best Parents, Worst Couples: A Must-Read for All Married Couples and Singles Intending to Be Married Someday

Best Parents, Worst Couples: A Must-Read for All Married Couples and Singles Intending to Be Married Someday

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Best Parents, Worst Couples: A Must-Read for All Married Couples and Singles Intending to Be Married Someday

203 pages
2 hours
Dec 26, 2012


Best Parents, Worst Couples is a story of real people; it is about burning marital issues. It is about the journey of life in the institution called marriage. It reveals the many troubles and pitfalls of marriage. The book contains true confessions of a man who has been married for over twenty years and with three children. He suffered the ignorance of sin of fornication, adultery, and lies.

This book will help you to learn from the foolishness of this man and will enable you to gain understanding from his wisdom. His experiences will certainly equip you to build a stronger and a more rewarding marriage relationship with your spouse. It is a must-read for all married couples and singles intending to be married someday. Read about defined principles of marriage. Its the Lords doing, and its marvelous in our sight. It is tested and trusted.
Dec 26, 2012

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Ime Albert holds an honorary doctorate degree in business administration from Evangel University, Spring Field, Missouri, USA. He is a successful Nigerian business man and politician. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria. He is a born again Christian author, poet, novelist, and philosopher. He is a reformed Christian vessel in the hands of the Lord. He sits on the board of a number of companies in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom. He is currently the executive chairman and chief executive of Privia Konsult Group, a consortium of companies with large business concerns in security, construction as well as oil and gas. He is a philanthropist extraordinaire with a very large heart. He is married to Patricia, and the marriage is blessed with three children: Roland, Rachael, and Rhema. He is, indeed, a blessed man. He is also the author of Best Parents, Worst Couples; The Wealthy, The Famous and The Anointed; The Rich, The Famous and Blessed; The Fury of God; Stepping into the Wilderness – all contemporary classics.

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Best Parents, Worst Couples - Ime Albert



A Must-Read for All Married Couples


Singles Intending to be Married Someday



1663 Liberty Drive

Bloomington, IN 47403


Phone: 1-800-839-8640

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Published by AuthorHouse   12/18/2012

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Reader’s Reactons

Chapter 1   Best Parents, Worst Couples

Chapter 2   Woman Be Submissive; Man Love Your Wife

Chapter 3   Frustration of Life

Chapter 4   Rescued by Education

Chapter 5   Falling in Love and Marriage

Chapter 6   I Am Born Again

Chapter 7   The Angel Who Visited Us

Chapter 8   Lost Values

Chapter 9   Triumphant Entry into Grace

Chapter 10   Blind Ambitions and Wealth: A Mistake

Chapter 11   Oh, Woman, Watch Thy Tongue!

Chapter 12   Don’t Be a Male Chauvinist


Marriage, as an institution, is a cocktail of responsibilities. Couples are constantly befuddled, agitated, and most times frustrated as contending multifaceted demands of marriage beckon for their attention. These diverse marital responsibilities range from being a loving father to being a loyal husband to satisfying the all-encompassing demands of being a caring mother to fulfilling the demands of being a loving wife.

However, the gamut of marital demands and conjugal responsibilities is not limited to the four responsibilities of familial relationship alone. They transcend conjugal and parental concerns, particularly in today’s highly sophisticated world. In this regard, official responsibilities at workplaces, business concerns, and professional/career demands have added new extra baggage to marital duties.

In a bid to successfully combine cumbersome business responsibilities and highly demanding career activities, while also ensuring full satisfaction of conjugal duties and fulfilment of other marital responsibilities, most couples find themselves in a dire fix. The ensuing dilemma is what accounts for many married couples’ inability to attain the needed success and balance in marriage. Little wonder, therefore, that some couples excel as parents but fail woefully as spouses. This is the central concern of this book: a situation where married couples are best parents but worst couples.

Mr Ime Albert has copiously drawn from his very eventful life’s experiences as a successful married man—to highlight marital pitfalls, which have held many marriages down. He has equally made sincere confessions of his misdeeds and mistakes which almost broke his twenty-two-year-old marriage. They are to serve as lessons to the reader.

In a very simple language and figurative style of presentation, the author has succeeded in creating a road map for successful marriage, which, if followed, could remake broken homes and reinvigorate dormant marital unions.

You have in your hands, therefore, a practical marriage handbook which is capable of rejuvenating your marital life by rekindling the lost marital bliss.

I therefore enjoin every married couple and those intending to get married someday to read this book studiously. For those who have either been divorced or separated, I advise they read it religiously and practice the lessons contained therein meticulously—as this could well be the needed tonic to reunite their broken homes.

Godwin Cornerstone

Author and Publisher


"Marriage is the result of

The longing for the deep,

Bed after the burly

Burly of the chaise longue"

Mrs. Patrick Campel


"The first bond of

The society is marriage"

Marcus Tullius


Today, many marriages are suffering devastating blows. All over the world, cases of spousal abuse, diverse marital problems, separation, and ultimately divorce abound. Some marriages have become institutions for enslavement and torture, while others have degenerated into confinements of agony, sorrow, and regrets. The situation is so bad that many married people are contemplating divorce, some are separated, and others are perpetually living a life of regrets—regretting why they ever married their spouses or why they married at all.

After considering the calamities ravaging the blissful union called marriage, one is inclined to ask whether the present situation of things satisfies God’s original intent for marriage—bearing in mind the fact that God himself started the institution and meant it for good, not for evil. When God created the first man and the first woman, He wanted it to be good. God himself said, in Genesis 2: 18 that, It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him.

This statement heralded the emergence of the woman. But the fact remains that, if God said it is not good for man to be alone and promised to make a help meet and companion for man, then it goes to mean that God’s intention of bringing a man and a woman together in holy matrimony was and is still for good, not for anything bad. God has never done anything bad. All his works are for good and not for evil. To confirm this fact, the Bible records in Proverbs 18: 22 that, "Who so findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favor of the Lord" (emphasis mine).

God’s initial plan for marriage was for better and not for bitter. Marriage was meant for the betterment of the married, the products of such marriage (the children), and the society at large. Anything contrary is of the devil and cannot be from God. That is why the scripture also says in Ecclesiastes 4: 9, "Two [husband and wife] are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor" (emphasis mine).

Today, the story is different: marriages are tearing apart and leaving incurable wounds in the trail. I weep for marriages because we have left the original plan and have diverted into other things, which was not intended by God. God himself is seriously pained and highly disappointed by the state of marriages in the world today. He is disappointed because He instituted marriage to be a union for love, peace, and satisfaction. But in many homes, the story is just the opposite. In reaction to the anomalies and absurdities in today’s marriages, Jesus lamented thus: but from the beginning it was not so (Matthew19: 8b).

From the Master’s submission, marriage was not designed to suffer the ills we witness today. It was not meant to go the way it is currently going; something went wrong somewhere! Even in the very bad marriages we see today, things were not that way from the onset. At the beginning of every marriage, during the planning and in the first few days, few months, and early years (as the case may be), there is usually joy, peace, and love. Couples are seen smiling and full of happiness and radiating joy—all in a convivial atmosphere. But before too long in the course of the union the once peaceful, loving, and caring couples are torn apart. Tension and tempers rise beyond controllable limits, and the once harmonious relationship that existed between the man and his wife turns into anger, quarrels, and fighting. Something went wrong somewhere! And the reason is not far-fetched: Jesus said it all when he quipped in Matthew 13: 28 that, An enemy hath done this.

It is true that 60 per cent of marriages, all over the world, suffer divorce because no one pays attention to the standard and conditions set out by God for the institution. Only very few are interested to know what makes marriages fail or succeed. Lesbianism, homosexuality, and bisexuality are some of the evils fighting against marital bliss. It is ridiculous and pathetic to know that mankind has fallen into the valley of marital destruction.

Since the calamities bedevilling our marital unions are assuming a dangerous dimension, there must be renewed attempts to re-examine the purpose of marriage. We must strive to realign our marriages to the original plans and programme of the Creator. We have a duty to salvage our marriages and those of our loved ones by redirecting them to God’s purpose and original intent for marriage. We must return to God, who actually initiated the union of marriage, without which, the problem continues.

This book is one of such efforts targeted at finding solutions to the marital problems ravaging today’s marriages. It is a must-read for every couple. The book has what it takes to repair and realign your marriage. It will give you a live understanding of the institution of marriage. It is a true life story about real people, places and real events which actually happened in the twenty-first century.

In this book there are confessions of my sins, faults, and short comings. It is meant to educate people on the forbidden fruit that destroys marriage and that brings tears and sorrow to the world. This book will help to correct and to build up marriages. My joy in writing this book stems from the fact that I have confessed my sins and have asked God for forgiveness. I have plainly rebuked sin, and I have advised men and women to walk away from sin. It is a recipe for marital problems. I speak to couples today. In order to read this book, accept that your marriage is beyond remedy. If not, then loosen yourself from the bondage of the devil. Extricate your marriage from the torments of the evil one and let your marriage begin to see the light that will make your marital union blissful and enjoyable again.

Like I always say, there is no perfect marriage anywhere; your marriage is what you make of it. Stand firm, and you will conquer. Learn from other people’s mistakes and gather strength to build your own. I am pleased that I have given my experience to billions of marriages the world over, to marriages that are undergoing crises or the break-up process. Please, if you are contemplating divorce, stop it, and try the principles in this book. Avoid the pains that come with divorce and restore the beauty of your marriage. To those who are already divorced or separated, this book could help you reunite for good. For those intending to marry, it will equip you to avoid the mistakes married couples make that have devastated their marriages.

I advise couples whose marriages are going through torments, crises, or any kind of problem to read this book. And after reading it, go boldly to your spouse and tell him or her We have made a lot of mistakes but let’s read this book together and pick up the pieces of our lives to rebuild our marriage again. I am sure this time we will make it work. We will succeed!

I trample on Satan and his demons because he is the enemy who has destroyed marriages. He has done all he could to corrupt the holy institution of marriage.

If there is anybody not represented in this book, I tender my sincere apologies. May God help you and grant you understanding as you read on. I wish the world well.

Ime Albert


To God Almighty and to my dear wife, Patricia. I will always love you. Thank you for your love and prayers.


To my dear wife Patricia I want to borrow a word from the legendary politician Chief Obafemi Awolowo of Nigeria fame that you are my Jewel of Estimable Value you stood with me through darkness and sunshine, you comforted me and gave me hope. You made me to belief in myself, to believe most especially that I can do it. Thank you for those words of encouragement.

To my son Roland and my daughters Rachael and Rhema, I still can’t imagine what I would have done if you were not around, there is joy, real joy in knowing and to the memory of my late son Richmond this is just to say I still love you dearly.

The writing of Best Parents, Worst Couples would not have been possible without you people, thank you for correcting those anomalies in my marriage, it is one thing to see and another thing to say it out, it is a splendid knowledge to realize that you have been observing and thinking about our union, God will always bless you people.

To cornerstone there is grace in exhibiting knowledge I would not have known how knowledgeable you are until I called your attention to edit this book, you brought me closer to God, you explained certain things to me and that carried me very far and yet brought me so close, so close to almighty God and I pause to say when eventually you get married may God almighty bless your union abundantly grant you wisdom, grant you grace to be able to strive fought and conquer. Thank you for editing this script.

To Godfrey Udegbe the young and brilliant Secretary I don’t know what I would have done without you, you dot my S and across my T and made sure that I presented a worthy book to my team of publishers.

To all my brothers and their wives let me say a very big thank you to you. To member of my publishing team in Authorhouse Rey August, Jeric Romano, Engene Hopkin, Denis Spenser, Amenda Carmichael just to mention of few and the rest of you out there I want to say may almighty God bless you abundantly in Jesus Name.


This is a very inspiring book. It is a book which has X-rayed life and has brought it back to focus. It is a pain that I did not get to read this book when I was going through my first marriage. We made lots of mistakes which would have been rectified by the wisdom of this book. Well, this was a terrible mistake; I am divorced from my first marriage and now in a second marriage. I will take the norms of this book as a lesson, and I can guarantee you that my marriage will never go into the valley again. Ime, congratulations! This is a good book.

Col. Olu (RTD)


My grief is that this book is coming at the tail of the twenty-first century. I went through a very painful marriage, and I have found out that I was wrong all the way. I completely destroyed my marriage that produced a son and daughter for me. Maria, I want to say I’m sorry. Please, forgive me.


Medical Doctor, England.

Jake, what a devastating mistake to

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