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Agatha’S Stolen Curve

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In the faraway kingdom of Laviersa, known as the Lands of the Ancients, thirteen-year-old Princess Agatha loves to run on her garden path. But one day, she and her friend Jos discover something odd. The paths curve is gone, and Jos sees a mysterious shape lurking nearby.

They soon realize that Crisis, a villain intent on causing mayhem in the kingdom, has stolen the curve. In a dream, Agatha sees what Crisis is using the curve for: a shield that will protect his entire camp and keep him from being defeated. Agatha and Jos decide to set out on an adventure and take back her stolen path piece from the hateful Crisis.

The two friends encounter allies and enemies, and sometimes its difficult to tell them apart. The further they go, the more danger they find themselves facing. With Crisis following their every move, Agatha and Jos even have gods helping them on their quest.

But they are about to encounter another, more dangerous threat to the kingdom. Can Agatha and Jos save the ones they love in time?

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