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Caribbean Delights

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Caribbean Delights

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Caribbean Delights offers a bonanza of authentic Caribbean cuisine. Pamela Chin is also the author of Exquisite, Divine Vegetarian with a Caribbean Twist. In this, her second cookbook, she shares more of the delicious tastes of the West Indies. From spicy jerk fish to the Pams mango curry turkey, these dishes are filled with the richness of Jamaica, the tradition of the Caribbean, and some culinary ingenuity.

The Island of Jamaica is known for its exotic vacation destinations, beautiful beaches, nice weather, reggae music, and exotic fruits. As a child growing up, Chin helped her grandmother in the kitchen, always paying close attention to whatever she was preparing for meals. She taught Pam all the basic and more, giving her a lifelong love of food and cooking.

Through the delicious recipes in the Caribbean Delights, you can discover why dishes of the West Indies are used to help celebrate life with great family and friends.

Jamaican-born Pamela Chin brings international culinary experiences to her writing. She lived in England before moving to America in 1983, where she continued building her passion for food. She has enjoyed preparing cuisine from the West Indies her whole life and is delighted to share it with you all.
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