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Agent Blue Ii: Corporate Thug

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She read out what Agent Blue was viewing. "Switzerland. The Carlton Saint Moritz. In 1913, the Russian Tsar Nicolas II, grandson of the legandary Tsar Alexander II, and hier to the infamous Romanoff Dynasty. Orderd the unique Carlton Hotel; to be built as his summer residence, and it quickly developed into the 5th of St Moritz's grand five_star hotels. This luxury hotel has remained one of the leading hotels in the resort."
Zahra paused, and took a short breath.
"Are you planning a skiing holiday Richie?"
Richie turned to Zahra, and asked "How are you with a snow board?"
Zahra seemed distracted by the question. "Well yes. I am a proficient skier! But a snow board Richie why are you enquiring?"

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