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Agent Blue: Pre Emptive Concept

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Later that night, Agent blue had ridden his Tiger cub and parked it a few blocks from Flanagan's apartment. Locked his open faced helmet to the bike, and walked a few blocks. Outside the apartment block sat a police car, where two officers sat watching the coming's and going's from the block that housed Flanagan's apartment. Richie had dressed casual and taken with him a small genie bar. Hiding it inside the specialty adapted lining of his jacket, evading the police. Slipping on his leather gloves, agent blue gained access via a fire escape at the rear of the building, taking the back stairs to the floor whilst passing Flanagan's apartment, which had been closed off with crime scene tape. Richie returned to the stairs; moving up onto the top floor, gaining access to the roof. Once up on the roof; agent blue looked down. He could see a stench pipe leading down to Flanagan's apartment.

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