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Afternoons with Grandma: A Collection of Folktales from Around the World

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Children often learn a lot about life from stories, and Grandma knows it. Thats why shes sharing these six stories shes collected from all over the world with her grandchildren, the twins Josh and Tamara. These tales of self-confidence, honesty, and bravery expose children to the lives of people unlike themselves, guiding them to build good, strong characters.

Milos perseverance as she tries to get to the Magic Lake, Lees determination to help his fellow citizens, and Kims quick thinking in the face of a tsunami reflect conflicts faced by people around the world. Their choices come alive as examples of how choosing the right thing pays off in the end, and how common sense is far better than good grades without being practical.

There is a story for every experience in life, if we can only find it. Let Grandmas tales help you teach your children to be mindful of the experiences of others and ignite their passion for reading.

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