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The Gift of Koi: Paintings and Reflections

The Gift of Koi: Paintings and Reflections

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The Gift of Koi: Paintings and Reflections

61 pages
23 minutes
Mar 17, 2014


Embark on an underwater journey filled with light and love. Through paintings, poetry, and prose, you will share in the insights and heartfelt beauty of Meredith Copes visiontender reflections on the power of what nature and art bring to our lives. As is typical of life, the artists personal story of her quest to understand color revealed so much more. We often think we are about one thing, only to find that life leads us to places of its own design. Join in her journey that connected her to her purposeto share the gift of koi.

Primal elements of water, early life, light, and reflections call forth deep meaning and messages of hope and connectionsustaining insights for us all. The oil paintings of Hawaiian koi by the artist seem lit from within by that message. Powerfully present, the koi flow in sparkling images across the canvas and across the page, beckoning us to go deeper into our own journey of understanding and potential within.

Meredith Copes work has been acclaimed as one that defies classification. It is classical in form while exhibiting a unique departure inclusive of a wide range of workincluding dreamlike aspects of surrealism, impressionistic color and light effects, with the raw immediacy of expressionism. Paradoxically, it possesses a firm grip on reality while transporting the viewer into the artists own personal suspension of space.

According to Japanese legend, if a koi succeeded in climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River, it would be transformed into a dragon. I think Meredith has already succeeded in the art scene; she has reached perfection and her works are very inspiring. If you look closely, you can see the water moving Congrats and keep showing your good work.

Goncalo Madeira, CEO,
meetiNG Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

Mar 17, 2014

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Meredith Cope is an award-winning artist whose work was exhibited in the Ohio Governor’s Mansion for two years.  Recently she was honored as a guest artist for the Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition in October 2013.  Currently, she enjoys a presence in galleries in both the Seattle area and in Hawaii.   The fluidity of water and koi are the focus of her work.  She lives in Dayton, Ohio with her husband and enjoys her grown children, their families and grandchildren.

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The Gift of Koi - Meredith Cope

Table of Contents—Images

More? 24x24 Oil on Canvas

Koi Treasure 24x24 Oil on Canvas

Emerald Sea 36x36 Oil on Canvas

Free Spirit 40x16 Oil on Canvas

Koi Passing 36x24 Oil on Canvas

Presence of Life 36x36 Oil on Canvas

…but imagination… 48x24 Oil on Canvas

Interconnected 40x30 Oil on Canvas

Carnaval de Couleurs 30x40 Oil on Canvas

The Color of Consciousness 48x24 Oil on Canvas

The Kiss 16x40 Oil on Canvas

Gratitude Garden 24x48 Oil on Canvas

Well-Being 62x40 Oil on Canvas-triptych

Infinite Energy 64x30 Oil on Canvas-triptych

Angel Wing 20x20 Oil on Canvas

Watching Over 36x24 Oil on Canvas

Hidden Illumination 48x30 Oil on Canvas

The Fifth Koi 30x40 Oil on Canvas

Water Garden 24x30 Oil on Canvas

Heightened Awareness 30x40 Oil on Canvas

Universal Experience 24x30 Oil on Canvas

Pond Swirl 18x18 Oil on Canvas

Koi Encounter 24x30 Oil on Canvas

Untitled 30x40 Oil on Canvas (the cover painting in progress)

To my husband, Tim

—whose love and support

have been unquestioning, unwavering,

and beyond imagination

and to my children

who I will always love

and adore.

Art transcends. Like poetry, it provides the voice that we all hear and sense through collective experience deep in our DNA dating back to our ancient ancestors. Through a memory we can’t recall, our hearts know so much more than we could ever conceive. True art speaks to that part of us; the knowing part, the one that is on a constant journey to our own beginnings —only to see it for the first time. Images of koi bring us more than just references of good fortune; but rather, of true abundance. It’s not a reminder as a hope and dream, but a deep knowing that surely this is our own true essence. Abundance of grace, inescapable beauty, natural flow, and the truth of our

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