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Age Does Not Define Me: I Do!

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Looking at my daughters wedding photographs five years ago, I noticed a matronly woman on the cusp of entering middle age. I have no intention of ending up looking like my mother or grandmother at that age, plump, not necessarily obese, was the order of the day. I decided to adopt the health, rather than weight control approach, and with my own philosophy in addressing image, weight and confidence issues, that afflict many. I hope by sharing my experiences with others will motivate them to take control of who they want and can be.

When my mother died relatively young of a terminal illness despite her general well-being and love of life, especially her Chinese opera performances and travelling with her friends, it was almost our steady family was shaken up. At the same time my two growing children were exhibiting all the adolescence and teenage growing pains. It forced me to take stock and made phenomenal changes to our lives to keep my family intact. The journey to bring them up in the best way I know how, ensued a learning experience invaluable in my understanding of relationship and how powerful it can be to change lives.

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