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Unveiled - My Story

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UNVEILED My Story is about a young womans struggles in life; how she managed from childhood to adulthood, scared and frightful at times, just to be brave at other times; how she conquered pain, the loss of a loved one, believing in higher power, and always having hope, ready to face another day. Via couplet poetry, she keeps us captive with a simple yet inspiring story to those who would read it.

This collection contains many raw emotions, and the narrators pain and longing is apparent on every page. So, too, is her struggle to uplift her spirits and keep hope alive through the grace of Gods goodness... This book may appeal to some readers looking for accessible poetry that is about personal challenges from a Christian womans perspective.
BlueInk Review

Jacobs Christian faith plays a primary role in this book; many of the poems resolutions or concluding morals point toward religious belief: Nothing, absolutely nothing happens in GODs world by mistake / Sometimes accepting or walking away is better for your own mental healths sake.
Kirkus Review

Lines that express the stages of grief experienced after her fathers death are heartrending: I dont know how Christmas will be without you / All I know it will be a hard and sad day to get through.
Clarion Review

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