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Against All Enemies

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MULTIPLE-SERIES OMNIBUS: Special Forces soldier is targeted by an obscure organization tied to the U.S. Government. An FBI agent becomes the object of a serial killer's twisted affections. A former Army Ranger is called upon to stop a Mafioso's plot to kill a witness scheduled to testify before a grand jury.

The Unsanctioned Patriot (Book #1 - Aaron Hardy series)

Marine Corps Special Forces Operator Aaron Hardy traveled the globe for twelve years, fighting for his country.

However, he never thought his biggest battle would be waged on American soil. And, take everything from him.

Running from the FBI, Hardy must find his enemies before they find him.

His pursuit uncovers political corruption at the highest levels of government.

But, that's not the shocking part.

The twenty-nine-year-old elite soldier discovers the truth about his own past.

He's been living a lie.

FBI Special Agent Raychel DelaCruz has seen the worst the nation's capital has to offer.

Investigating her latest case, she realizes nothing has prepared her for a government conspiracy of this magnitude.

When their worlds collide, Hardy and DelaCruz find themselves in unfamiliar territory.

To defeat the powers that want them dead, the two strangers must learn to trust each other.

But, that may not be enough.

Vengeance Is Mine (Book #1 - Special Agent Cruz series)

Several states. Different hotel rooms. Tainted Border Patrol agents.

Driving into Washington, D.C., Raychel DelaCruz is looking forward to time in her office.

Oddly enough, a little paperwork too.

The FBI Special Agent is drawn back into the field, however, when a photograph is found with a headless, handless body in a small Pennsylvania town.

A second body turns up in another state, and she knows she's in for another cross-country trek.

Investigating the grisly murders, the 29-year-old rising star of the agency learns a third victim's life is at stake.

Closing in on her prey, DelaCruz makes a chilling discovery.

She's the motive behind the serial killer's sadistic acts.

Protect & Defend (Book #1 - Jacob St. Christopher series)

Jacob St. Christopher has proudly served his country on foreign and American soil.

Having seen action in some of the most dangerous places in Afghanistan, St. Christopher's résumé is impressive:

Member of the U.S. Army's 75th Ranger Regiment Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Team leader for the FBI's famed Hostage Rescue Team

Following a three-year hiatus from the HRT, the 35-year-old civilian is once more pressed into service.

His latest assignment, however, will be unlike any combat, or hostage situation, he's ever faced.

Challenging his skills.

Testing his resolve.

Striking at his heart.

If St. Christopher can accomplish the mission, he might just find the one thing that's been eluding him.


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Omnibus Description:

Against All Enemies is the first book of three different action-packed thriller series featuring:

Fascinating characters Nonstop suspense Fast-paced action scenes Clean language

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