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After the Doors Were Closed

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In my forties, at my father's grave side, his funeral. I had feelings of liberation and  suffocation.

There was violence all through my childhood.  The worst kind of violence.

There was a mystery in my family.

The child's voice is what I knew as a child.  I had incidents; no answers.

I was involved with people who did ritual with drugs, alcohol, and masks. From three years old for three years.  As a result, I carried  terror in my body for a long time.

To get through everything, I had to be truthful of what I saw and how I felt.

During a period of dealing with dark forces, I learned to protect myself.

The twelve step program was a safe place to discover my core issue.

Chapters on body work, eating disorders. dowsing, and  the labyrinth.  How I used them to heal.

A chapter on insights on sex and sensuality my voice is finally adult and sophisticated.

Nature was a big part of my recovery.

I am hoping my book will open doors all over the world.

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