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After Hours With The Greek



Powerful Boss, Prim Miss Jones

Elizabeth Jones thought she was meeting her father for the first time. But ruthless tycoon Andreas Nicolaides has other plans for this frumpy arrival on his doorstep! Isn't Elizabeth just another gold–digger, trying to get her hands on his godfather's inheritance?

Andreas will employ the unworldly beauty to work for him – where he can keep an eye on her! Only Elizabeth's delectable curves keep getting in the way, and soon Andreas finds he can't wait to discover whether she's still as prim and proper after hours…

The Secretary's Scandalous Secret

Agatha Havers feels totally out of her depth working for Luc Laughton. Hiding behind her shapeless cardigans, she is invisible to her boss. Until Luc discovers the tantalising curves Agatha has been concealing...and suddenly awakening his wholesome secretary goes to the top of his agenda! Agatha finds herself living a fairytale – until she's brought back to reality with a bump…

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