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Against All Advice

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Giving advice is easy; taking it, on the other hand...

Evie Colville has one goal: earn a college scholarship to escape from small-town Sutterton. Between studying and working in her dad’s coffee shop, she doesn’t have much free time. None for a boyfriend, that’s for sure.

Then she meets Alistair.

Alistair fled to his uncle’s after the woman he loved brutally betrayed him with his own brother. The last thing he wants is another relationship. And after what he’s gone through, he has zero tolerance for lies.

Evie, however, is keeping a big secret, not just from Alistair, but from everyone in town. Along with her other responsibilities, she’s also the clandestine author of the local paper’s Miss Lonely Love advice column. And recently she’s been corresponding with a frustrated young man who has sworn off women for good.

Falling for each other is the last thing either wants. There’s no possible way they could make this work.

Is there?

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