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After the Sunset

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Miller Gavins' life has hit rock bottom. His wife leaves him, his children turn against him, the recession hits his business hard, the owner of the company he works for passes away and it seems as if his employment future is questionable. When the owner's widow takes over the company, he meets the gorgeous, Grace Stroinski and Miller falls deeply in love. There is only one problem. Grace is married. Does Grace love and admire Miller the same way that Miller admires and loves Grace? After the Sunset is the unforgettable debut novel by Earle H. Morse. It is a romantic novel full of emotions, passionate and sexy romance and laced with touches of offbeat humor. Romance aside, After the Sunset is actually a touching story of one man's journey from the ashes of despair to joy, and how his journey touches and changes the lives of four other persons, who are searching for fulfillment in their lives too.

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