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After the Fire: A Novel

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From a former wildland firefighter comes a novel that’s “dramatic, exciting, affecting, and memorable . . . A fine debut” (Booklist).
Barnes, the supervisor of a Hot Shot wildfire suppression crew, is haunted by the season past, when many members of his dedicated, young team were killed in a Colorado forest fire that went all wrong. As he tries to unravel the threads of what happened, he relives the deadly fire again and again in his mind.
Barnes’s responsibility for the lost lives is an unbearable weight upon him, lightened only by his neighbor, a little girl named Grace, who lives with her mother and grandfather. This family of three has its own struggles, and Barnes is able to help each of them through the simple act of friendship and, finally, one lucky act of salvation. But it is they who save him, ultimately, and as Barnes becomes more deeply enmeshed in their lives, he understands that the ghosts of the past may not be with him forever.
“A powerful, emotional story, one that will instill in readers a renewed appreciation for the heroic young people fighting wildfires.” —Rocky Mountain Post
“[A] touching debut . . . a poignant story about ‘the pull of the past,’ affectingly warm and compassionate.” —Publishers Weekly
“Impressive in its knowledge, moving in its very human connections, and sure-handed in the telling, After the Fire leaves a scorching mark.” —Steven Schwartz, author of Madagascar: New and Selected Stories

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