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Air For Rent

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Air For Rent

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Air For Rent

What if you could invest in something that all people need, rent it to someone for a profit, and later sell that item for more money? In addition, you can finance that investment with someone else paying off most of the debt and  deduct any expenses on your U.S. Income Tax return plus get a tax shelter to boot.


The investment is in AIR: Ocean air, Golf Course air, Mountain air, City air, Country air...


Where can you find this air to invest in?  It is located right between the inside walls in buildings-- called condominiums. Condominiums are just like apartments, except they are deeded property. Condos are located everywhere. They can be owned, rented, sold, uniquely located, and provide amenities no average homeowner can afford-- like swimming pools and golf courses.  Condominiums fit today's family lifestyles better than single-family homes, yet, they provide the same tax breaks. Apartment living doesn't provide those tax breaks. In addition, owners can make their condos as unique as they want without worrying about landlord restrictions. What's so great about investing in condos for rent, is that everyone needs a place to live, so there is plenty of demand and investors can buy one instead of a whole apartment complex to get started in real estate investing. In many areas, condominiums typically cost less than the price of a single-family home, which also makes it easier to invest.


Air For Rent is a step by step guide that provides you with business recommendations, sample computer tools to copy, and documented experiences for you to leverage to help make you successful in investing in condominiums. By reading this book, you will learn how to:


Obtain seed money

Select and use computer tools

Find the right location and tenant

Rent out your condominium, and keep it rented

Assemble a team to run your properties

Leverage years of business experiences

Expand your portfolio


This guide covers the basics of what you need to get started to build up your wealth and income through the purchasing of condos and renting them out. This book is not a get rich quick scheme but a proven method that anyone can execute to become wealthy. The techniques described have been successfully implemented by the author and his experiences are well documented for your benefit.


It's now up to you to become wealthy!

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