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Outside the facility, the peace laws must be observed.

For a hundred and fifty points, you can spend an hour with a designated scapegoat. No one outside will ever know what you do there. You are encouraged to shout, to complain, to cry, if it will help to calm you.

For two hundred points, you may strike them. They will never strike back.

Abrasions, heavy bruising, first degree burns, are five hundred. The scapegoats will endure it and they will never name you or your...needs.

A few thousand if your rage requires you to break a bone. Scapegoats are not law-abiding like you. They deserve it. They succumb to their passions too easily without our control. It has led to their downfall. The pain you inflict is their redemption. You teach them the patience and resolution that they have lacked their entire lives.

For seven thousand points, you can give them absolution. Final forgiveness. In whatever manner most relieves you. Because outside the facility, the peace laws must be observed.

Remember the creed of the Designated Scapegoats: Through our suffering, may you find peace.

They will not complain. They will not resist. They will not fight back.

Until now.

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