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After Sigga

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The hanging of Jason Johnson is closed as a suicide, but by the end of chapter one, you know Sigga arranged to have her abusive husband murdered. She inherits a fortune and moves to Chicago where she meets Susie who is being sought by the FBI and the Rumble Riot motorcycle gang. They flee and start a new life in Texas, but Sigga learns she has terminal cancer. After Sigga’s death, Susie assumes her identity. Suspicion and shreds of evidence form a tightening web. In Winnipeg, the Rumble Riot, FBI, RCMP, and legal system resolve this thrilling account of murder, love, betrayal and renewal.
“After Sigga” is a good example of post modern writing. As noted in the reader comments, it reads like a screen play. The plot is driven by spoken dialogue and internal speech. The personal movie we each run is not shaped by image altering description. Any description is linked to plot development. You, the reader are allowed to generate settings, wardrobe and appearances, except where the author needs those as plot nuances. This engaging mystery flows steadily to a surprising and satisfying conclusion. Have a good read.

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