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Afton Zadie Chiyo XylonEkkho Vlada Gauri Taika Inola Rowin Kameo Paola Morit

These are the witches whose ancestors you burned.

13 women from all over the world will return to the city where evil prevailed over good. Now, they’ll use their powers to restore balance and take back their heritage. The devil himself is doing his best to stop them, but they have they have the love of 13 good men on their side as they fight to win.
Afton Chase met Brock Johnston when they were both teenagers. He was working the rich boy playing at being a cowboy and she was the witch who kept her town protected. It was love at first rainstorm, until someone more powerful threatened them both and they went their separate ways.
Afton has spent five years searching for other witches while Brock has built a reputation as a philanthropist and ladies man. The same man who tore them apart unwittingly brings them back together and this time it should be forever. But forever isn’t easy when there are secrets to be discovered and promises to keep.
Will love overcome history or will they both get swept away in a sea of destiny and denial?

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