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Attack of the Bandage Man: Nightcrawler Tales, #2

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Attack of the Bandage Man: Nightcrawler Tales, #2

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Another scary story book for kids ages 9-12!

A boring shopping trip leads to a fascinating discovery when Ben finds a one-of-a-kind toy hiding in his town's local antique shop.

An avid collector, Ben is sure he's found the prized piece for his growing collection.

But Ben is wrong.

The toy wasn't hiding in that shop.

It was waiting.

And now it won't be long before Ben realizes he's put his entire family at risk.

After all...

Some dolls are creepy for a reason.

About the Nightcrawler Tales:

Written with reluctant readers in mind, each of these little horrors is beautifully illustrated and paced quickly enough that your child will be done before they know it. But don't fret: each book packs a shocking end that's sure to leave them begging for more. In fact, if they're brave enough to continue, don't be surprised if your child wants to collect them all!

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