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After Last Night: Carla: Cincinnati, #2

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Nights at the Brass Key could be relaxed or out of control. Carla Janine had her share of heartache and preferred not to think long-term. It was good times and great pay, but a lustful decision led to a steamy morning between the sheets. Carla never thought she'd see Brodie again, but he returned six months later, and she wasn't sure how to feel about it.

Brodie Lennox had his share of heartbreak, so the Brass Key was supposed to be his last stop before he left town. It started with a drink and ended in bed with a pretty bartender. He left without saying goodbye, but a crisis will prompt him to return. Brodie will be determined to handle Carla's emotional temper and prove that she meant more to him. 

Adult Fiction, contains sexual content. 

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