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Sweetheart Series : Las Vegas

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Book 1- 

Roxy was raised in the Mojave Desert, her mom was a Las Vegas showgirl, so she knew the glitz and glamour always came with a price.

Roxy wanted Austin Merrick from the moment she saw him in Gypsy. He was supposed to be a one-night stand and a way to escape her problems. She didn't know a night with Austin would lead to something more.

 Roxy was an excellent poker player, but things will change when her ex-boyfriend owes money, and she's on the hook for the balance.

Book 2- 

Bianca was a sweetheart and a pleaser. She had the commitment part down, but her last relationship made her question everything.

Bianca tried online dating, but serial hookups weren't for her. She wanted an intimate connection with one great guy.

A knock on her door will change things. Bianca didn't know the new repairman, but her request will lead to an intimate conversation with Dawson Flint. She will find out he's more than building maintenance.

Book 3- 

Jinx believes the heart wants what it wants. She kept part of her past hidden from Memphis until an emotional circumstance prompted her to leave in the middle of the night. 

Jinx managed to protect her secret but struggled to live without Memphis. He walked into Gypsy a year later, and the emotional lust returned with him. Jinx will find out the painful sacrifice of leaving him behind.

Adult Fiction, contains sexual content. 

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