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Scribbled 4

Scribbled 4

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Scribbled 4

65 pages
1 hour
May 2, 2019


Come along the flow, feel being there and see it happening.
Smell the aroma, taste revenge, save humanity, feel love,
discover places and be yourself.

CAFFEINE: Give me coffee I will give you a reason to live.
TAG 33: The number that changed my life.
BIRYANI CHEF: Cooking more than a delicacy.
TUBE DATE: My soul against my body .

May 2, 2019

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Jatin Sethi is a keen learner, traveler, discoverer, and writer. A businessman by occupation, his approach to everything, from creating furniture to carving stories, is always distinctive.He loves to travel, discovering destinations and weaving stories based on the incidents, places, facts, and people he encounters. He is a foodie by heart; trying anything from street food to multiple course gourmets is his passion, and sometimes he cooks too.

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Scribbled 4 - Jatin Sethi



Not even in my wildest dreams could I imagine that my final destiny would be written over a cup of steaming, hot coffee. And it all started a year ago in a Starbucks café.

It was a morning just like any other. I woke up to the beeping sound of my alarm, stumbled groggily into the washroom and splashed my face with water from the RO plant (nothing but the best for yours truly). I admired my sharp jawline and my deep brown eyes. Looks can be deceptive, I thought with a gleam in my eyes. I took a quick shower before slipping into clothes which had been selected carefully and laid out on my bed by my Man Friday.

I drove out in my shining, new BMW for today’s meeting. In the last few years I had made more wealth than any youngster could ever imagine; but the urge to add more was like constant itch. I reached the scheduled destination in the inner circle of Connaught Place, New Delhi, the city’s most common shopping and meeting place. Outside, it was raining cats and dogs. I stood in the covered side walk, watching people drenched in the rain rushing past, as I waited for her. I was about to meet the girl, who in all probability, would become my wife. But this time, I found her through a matrimonial site and not through Facebook as before.

Then I saw a beautiful girl, who got out of the taxi that halted before me. She was a beauty beyond imagination; from her hourglass figure to her pixie like face, she seemed perfect in every aspect. She was fair, with limpid brown eyes, sharp nose and round kissable lips. Her dress hugged her body, like a glove. I totally ignored the possibility of her being the one I was supposed to meet. I kept admiring her as she ran pass me towards the covered sidewalk. My phone rang. Netra flashed on screen.


Hello! Where are you?

I am right outside Starbucks.

I turned around and noticed a girl on the phone outside Starbucks.

Are you the one in the cream dress?

Yes! She spun around, her eyes searching.

My heart almost burst with happiness. She was the same girl, the one who had got out of the taxi.

Hi! I am Raghav, I tried remaining as nonchalant as possible.

Netra,she smiled.

Shall we sit somewhere? I asked.

Coffee? I smiled and nodded in reply.

We sat over endless cups of cappuccinos and talked-immersed in each other. We covered almost every subject under the sun, ranging from our education to occupation, families, likes and dislikes. During this time, I never felt as if we were meeting for the first time. I didn’t know about her, but I thanked the matrimonial website for making us meet. We met again in the following week, twice, again over cups of coffee in the same Starbucks; she said her brain worked only with the essence of caffeine and that too from Starbucks. I was mesmerised by her. Marriage seemed inevitable. Finally, after only a few weeks of our first meeting, we got married. It was a simple ceremony, as we both had wanted. But we had decided to go for a lavish honeymoon later.

Plans were made and unmade. Bhutan to entire Europe all major destinations were discussed. Finally Malaysia was a unanimous decision. Well, the decision was actually mine but I tricked her into believing that it was hers. She seemed a little disappointed, but peaked up soon enough when the planning began in earnest.

Finally D Day arrived. We left for the airport. We were flying to Langkawi Island which was the only inhabited island out of the group of ninety nine islands around it. I was quite looking forward to this trip. It seemed a perfect blend of business and pleasure. I was amused by her expressions - they seemed quite child-like as she took a keen interest in her new surroundings. As the plane took off, she got busy switching channels on her personal screen. I dozed off for a while and woke up only when the announcement was being made that we were landing at Langkawi. The plane touched land with a soft bump. She squeezed my hand out of fear and excitement and strangely, my heart skipped a beat.

We bought two local SIM cards for our cellphones from the airport. It was around midnight when we stepped out of the airport. The air was still and balmy. We hailed a taxi - the driver seemed friendly and he knew a smattering of Hindi. On the way we chatted in a mixture of English, Malay and Hindi. Soon enough we reached our hotel.

We checked into our room which overlooked the ocean. She seemed scared, on seeing the ocean so close to our balcony and watching the waves crashing on the shore. I took her in my arms to console her, and before I knew it we were kissing passionately. Her initial hesitance slowly faded away and she surrendered completely to me allowing me to take lead.

The next morning we woke up early to enjoy the sunrise. She looked like a beautiful, glossy mermaid risen from the sea. Her skin shone under the first rays of the sun as she smiled at me and held on to my arm. I felt an unfamiliar tug at my

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