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A Marvelous Redeemer: A Light for Christ trilogy, #3

A Marvelous Redeemer: A Light for Christ trilogy, #3

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A Marvelous Redeemer: A Light for Christ trilogy, #3

434 pages
5 hours
Jun 17, 2018


She knew the decision would change her life. But she didn't know she'd have to fight to survive.

When Amira put her faith in Christ, she knew life wouldn't be easy. But hiding her conversion from her Muslim family soon becomes the least of her worries. Forced to leave the only home she's ever known, she travels to the island of Gabeburough, trying her best to make a fresh start.

Two escaped convicts and a treasure map.

A leafy paradise that becomes her home.

Amira begins to wonder, where is her Redeemer when she needs Him the most?

Caleb Haddington is prince of Carpathia. Life should be perfect, but he can't get a certain dark-haired girl out of his mind. Amira was his best friend when he lived in France, but her letters to him have suddenly stopped. Her last letter is filled with terror that her faith will soon be discovered.

Only a single hope keeps him alive; when the time is right, he's going after her. He'll bring her back and prove to the kingdom that he's a man.

But the journey proves to be more perilous than he'd ever imagined. Ridicule, comfortless days and the threat of a hurricane are just the start of his problems.

Lying becomes easy for Caleb until his own life crumbles before him.

Brought to his knees under the pressure of his actions, he comes to realize the sweetness of his Savior.

Forgiveness, grace, and mercy are granted fully to those who ask.

Caleb and Amira soon discover that they don't just serve a gracious Savior, but a wonderful, magnificent, marvelous Redeemer.

Jun 17, 2018

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A Marvelous Redeemer - Aleigha C. Israel

Copyright © 2018 Aleigha C. Israel

No part of this publication may be used or reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the permission of the copyright holder.

[1. Fiction.   2. Christian.]

Text set in Libre Baskerville, 10 pt.

Scripture quotations taken from the Holy Bible, King James Version.

Cover design by Leisha Israel


Interior design by Aleigha C. Israel

eBook formatting by The Book Nest


For more information about Aleigha C. Israel,

please visit her website:





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They are Your servants and Your people whom You redeemed by Your great power and by Your strong hand.

Nehemiah 1:10


Jonathan Lorincz

You are a light for Christ, Jonathan, and you will be greatly missed. We take joy knowing that you’re now worshiping before our Savior, perfectly healed. We’re looking forward to the day we meet again!


Moriah Dettwyler

A little lady with a big heart.

Watching your baptism this past year will forever be a cherished memory. You are always the first person to tell me, I finished your book! whenever a new one is released, and your encouragement means more than I can say. Keep using your gifts to serve Him, and He will bless you greatly!

Briana Wills

One of the sweetest, most respectful little ladies I know! You have such a kind spirit, Briana, and your wisdom and trust in God is so encouraging. Stay strong, Briana, and hold fast to His promises. Keep letting your light shine!

Lucy Israel

God has started a marvelous work in you, little lady!You confessed Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior just a few weeks ago, and your sweet heart is already shaping and forming into a precious light for Christ. I love you, dear sister!


To my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The One who inspired this entire trilogy. May You be glorified through this story and through every book I ever write. I love You so much!

To Daddy and Mama. The more I get to know other writers who struggle because their parents aren’t supportive of their writing, the more I come to realize how blessed I am to have both of you. Mama, thank you for letting me write when I could be helping! Thanks for reading my blog posts every week and my books each time another one is released. Daddy, thank you for caring. Thank you for supporting my writing financially, bringing me flowers when Grace and Truth started distributing my books, asking me about my writing friends, and caring enough to memorize my entire conference schedule. Words can’t describe how thankful I am for both of you! I love you SO, SOOO much!!

My siblings. Hannah, Claire, Aidan, Owen and Lucy. Each of you hold such a special place in my writing. Whether it’s giving me inspiration for my antagonists (haha, I’m mostly kidding about that) or listening as I read chapters of my book to you each week. Your excitement makes me excited and it means so much to me! I love you all bunches!

Aunt Leisha. Again, you’ve amazed me with your extraordinary work on the cover. You made A Marvelous Redeemer a whole lot more marvelous! I can’t thank you enough for your patience with me and for being part of my writing journey. Love you!

Emily D. You again blew me away with a fantastic map. Girl, you have a gift that doesn’t need to be ignored. One day when you’re famous I’ll stand back and smile and say I told you so. Thanks for always being so willing to help me out with my book projects! (Oh, and I’m looking forward to that day when you finally finish the beautiful library painting. Remember, you said you’d finish it before I die. I’ll hold you to that.)  

Kara Swanson. My fantabulous mentor and friend. You’ll never know how precious you are to me! Your constant encouragement and advice extends far beyond just writing, and I can’t ever thank you enough! Your books are amazing and you are SO talented! Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember that you’re a young writer too! Thanks for answering my many questions and for always being there to lend a hug. I’m so glad we can walk this writing journey together. I love you so much, friend!

My betas. Sara, Germaine, Kayla, Allison, Lilah, Paul, and Sarah. Beta’s are amazing people, but y'all do amazing justice to that term! Thanks for everything you do to make AMR so much better!

My YWW family. Wow, 2017 held some amazing things. But without doubt my favorite part was joining YWW. I still can’t believe that I haven’t even been there for a year and I feel as if I’ve gained another family! I love being your Student Mentor alongside the other SM’s. I enjoy learning from you and helping you learn at the same time! You all mean so much to me and I’m grateful for each and every one of you!

Brett, Jaquelle, Marita, Faith, Kiki, Moriah, Josiah and the rest of the gang. Being part of the coaching group has been the best six months ever. I’ve learned so much and I can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for each of us! I’m excited about teaching alongside a lot of you as we embark on this Writing Teacher Program. Thanks for answering my many questions and for helping me out when it comes to designing things! I love and appreciate each of you so much!  

Mrs. Cote. I’m so blessed to have met you! Your books are changing the world, one reader at a time. I’m really looking forward to what this year holds for both of us! I’m so thankful for you and for the many questions you’ve answered, your amazing advice, and the boosts of encouragement you give me! Thank you so much!

Nana and Papa. You both mean so much to me! I’m afraid that saying is getting quite cliché right about now, but it’s true! Nana, thanks for being such a big fan of my books and encouraging me to keep pressing forward. Papa, thanks for saying that Karen Kingsbury’s books don’t hold a candle to mine. Even though sadly it’s not true (Karen’s books are AMAZING!!) and the fact that you’ve never read any of Karen’s books before, and you’ve kind of only read two novels in your life, (both were mine) that comment still makes my heart grow warm every time I think about it! I love you both so much!

Omie and Grandpa. Thanks for your encouragement and help with my writing! Thanks for always having your house decked out in the coolest stuff ever. I get inspiration every time I walk through the door! I enjoy our card games of Trump, even though they last for hours and I end up falling half-asleep in my chair. Love you both so much!

And to you, my dear reader. I wish I could say that if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be writing, but that wouldn’t be entirely true. I would still have to write. As an author-friend put it writing is the oxygen to my soul. But, the books would stay unread and that wouldn’t be very much fun! To those of you who send me weekly emails raving about the characters and the adventures, I hope I don’t let you down with this last book. You are such an encouragement to me and I can’t thank God enough for bringing me readers like you! I love each and every one of you so much!


When I think back to everything that’s happened in the last twelve months, I usually end up in awe. The Lord’s blessings were so abundant.

This book that you hold in your hands is the last book in A Light for Christ trilogy. I had mixed feelings saying goodbye to the royal family and to Charlotte and Charles and Amira and little Silvia.

This is the end of their stories, but in a way, I hope it’s just the beginning. I hope their stories and adventures live in your heart forever, just as they do mine!

Friends, we serve a mighty God. I said this year was filled with blessings, and it was. But it had its share of hardships too.

He never promised that our lives would be easy. He never promised that if we surrender everything to Him, that life would be full of roses and chocolate.

But He did promise this; no matter what trials He sends our way, He’s always with us. He’s always there, He will never leave us.

Because, my dear reader that’s the kind of God we serve. We won’t ever have to worry about Him leaving us, nor forsaking us.

Because we don’t just serve a gracious Redeemer, but a wonderful, magnificent, marvelous Redeemer.

So, curl up in your favorite chair and lose yourself in Caleb and Amira’s journeys. The excitement, the humor, the adventure, the faith.

They both discover the same thing. We’ll have hardships in this life, we’ll have tests and sometimes we’ll fail. It’s part of being human. But forgiveness is always granted to those who ask, because we serve a marvelous Redeemer.

A Redeemer who died an agonizing death so that we might be saved, so that we might have hope.

A Redeemer who loves us with more love and fervor than we can ever wrap our minds around.

A wonderful, magnificent, Marvelous Redeemer.


FRANCE, 1849

How dare you! Layla’s face contorted in anger, and her hands trembled violently. You know we have no other book than the Qur’an!

Thirteen-year-old Amira Allee took a hesitant step back as her maman shoved the leather Bible in her face. She bumped against the edge of the cot she shared with her little sister, her heart racing in time with her whirling thoughts.

She had successfully kept her Bible hidden beneath the straw-filled bedding for the last several months. But she knew it would only be a matter of time before her maman discovered it. She should have picked a better hiding place, but it was too late for that now.

Her thoughts tripped over each other as she tried to recall the words she had rehearsed over and over again, but her mind wouldn’t work properly.

Taking a deep breath, she spoke with more confidence than she thought she had. I am a Christian, Maman.

Layla jerked as if she had been slapped. You lie to me, daughter! She grabbed Amira’s arm, her nails digging into her daughter’s soft skin. Layla’s flushed face was almost the bright red color of her shayla, wrapped firmly around her head and shoulders. Tell me this is not true! Tell me you are still a follower of Allah!

Amira flinched at Layla’s tight grip, but her brown eyes didn’t waver from her maman’s face. It is true, Maman. I have found the one and only God, and I no longer believe in the lies of Allah.

Layla dropped the Bible as if it were hot coals, and it landed on the ground with a loud thump.

Amira cringed at the sound, but she didn’t dare move to pick it up.

Layla’s shriek caused the hair on the back of Amira’s neck to stand up.

Her maman moaned softly, covering her face with calloused hands. Why would you do this to us, Allah? Have we not followed you obediently all these years? Her moaning grew louder, and her shoulders shook with emotion.

Layla moved over to where Amira stood and pulled her into a tight hug. I loved you, daughter. Why did you have to turn against our family?

Amira stepped out of her maman’s embrace. I didn’t turn against my family, Maman. I only turned against Allah.

Layla wiped at the tears on her face. "Only turned against Allah. You do not understand what you are saying, child."

Amira stooped to pick up her Bible. She clutched it to her chest as Layla made a move to rip it out of her grasp.

She took Amira’s face in her hands and looked into her daughter’s eyes. Layla’s own eyes took on a slightly wild look.  "Say, ‘I’m sorry Maman. I don’t believe that Jesus is God.’"

Amira stood still, her face void of all emotion.

Say it, daughter.

Amira shook her head. No, Maman, I cannot.

Just say the words! It will not harm anyone. Who would know?  

Amira’s chin trembled. God would know.

Say it!!

Amira stood firm.

Layla’s face grew hard as she stepped back. Then you are no longer a daughter of mine.

Maman! Amira’s eyes filled with tears, and her heart constricted, squeezing the very life out of her slight frame.

Layla stepped out of the room and came back a moment later, her hands holding tightly to an old ragged bag.

She went to the only set of drawers in Amira’s room and opened them, throwing all the articles into the bag.

What are you doing, Maman? Amira’s voice grew shrill.

Layla didn’t answer as she stood and threw the rest of Amira’s meager belongings into the sack. You must leave before your papa gets home. You know as well as I what could happen to you once he hears of your ridiculous conversion.

"I am not afraid, Maman, please don’t make me leave!"

Layla didn’t answer as she hastily left the room and strode into the kitchen.

Amira placed the Bible on her cot and followed her into the largest room in their small hut.

Layla opened one of the cabinets and pulled out a sack of dried meat. She placed two loaves of bread into the sack, along with the meat, and shoved it into Amira’s hands. Go now, while there is still time.

Amira’s hands trembled. Where will I go, Maman? Tears threatened to spill as Amira hugged the sack tightly to her chest.

You should have thought of that before you turned to this god of yours!

Amira turned at the sound of little footsteps outside their hut.

Three-year-old Abbass skipped inside, his little face filled with childish delight as he held out a handful of crushed flowers he must have picked in the meadow. His face lit up with a smile, oblivious to the tension in the room.

Twelve-year-old Alayla walked a short distance behind him, quickly perceiving something was amiss. What is the matter?

Layla turned toward the sound of her second daughter’s voice. Your sister has decided our ways are too unholy for her. She has turned to a pagan god and has chosen to forsake her family.

Alayla’s face filled with alarm. No, sister, tell me it isn’t true!

Layla glanced in Amira’s direction. "She won’t say a thing, Alayla, because it is true."

Alayla’s shoulders trembled as a sob bubbled up from within her.

Layla looked as if she were about to embrace Amira one last time, but instead she scooped Abbass into her arms and disappeared into the little boy’s bedroom.

Amira grew numb as she retreated to her room and retrieved the Bible off her cot. She placed it in the sack and tied it securely, overly aware of Alayla’s quiet sobs behind her.

Amira turned and embraced her sister, her own tears now flowing freely. I knew I would have to pay this price sooner than later, Alayla.

You don’t love us anymore.

Alayla’s words, filled with heartache, sent a sharp pain to Amira’s soul. "No, sister. I love you even more now that I am a follower of Christ."

All you must do is recant your faith. Say that Allah is still your god!

Amira shook her head. I cannot say such things, sister. They wouldn’t be true.

Amira clung to her sister a moment longer before stepping away from her embrace.

She wiped at the tears streaming down her cream-colored skin. Give Abbass a kiss for me. Tell him I love him dearly.

Alayla nodded, her eyes rimmed with redness.

Amira gave their room one last glance before making her way to the entrance of their hut.  

She took one step outside, turned around, and drew in a shuddering breath. I love you, sister, never doubt that.

Alayla nodded as tears continued to stream down her face.

Amira’s voice broke as she began the saying she and Alayla had said since they were children; "A friend to cherish, special secrets we’ll whisper," she waited for Alayla to finish the sentence, but the words never came.

With a heart-wrenching sob, Amira turned and walked briskly toward the direction of the village.

She didn’t know where she was going, but she was no longer safe here. At that moment, she was completely uncertain of what the future held.

But one thing she knew for certain; her life would never be the same again



One Month Later

Fourteen-year-old Caleb dismounted his horse, Arrow, and tied him to a tree. He pulled a letter out of his pocket and studied it.

It was the last letter he'd received from Amira and it was postmarked over a month ago. His heart squeezed with anxiety because she had sent him a letter almost every week since their arrival in Carpathia.

Her letter was filled with concern about her faith being discovered, and he couldn’t help the worried feeling that sank like a stone in his gut.

His thoughts went back to his home in France, and he wondered what had become of it.  

But living in the palace with Anna and William, who were now the queen and king of Carpathia, wasn’t all that bad.

His sisters and little brother always kept things lively, and his adorable niece was the talk of the town.

Caleb gave Arrow a final pat before making his way to the narrow bridge.

The grass was bright green this time of year, and the water had been flowing well since the last rain.

Caleb stepped onto the bridge, a sudden gust of wind blowing his blond bangs in his face. He tossed them to the side with a shake of his head and picked up his pace, pressing on.

Once he made it to the middle of the bridge, he leaned against the railing and closed his eyes, letting his thoughts take him back to France, when he and Amira were both too young to understand the differences between their families.

Caleb moved over to the other side of the bridge and sat down, resting his back against the rough wood, knowing full well that the dirt from the bridge would probably ruin his golden trimmed overcoat.

His gaze roamed over the mountains of Carpathia and the pink-purplish hues of the setting sun.

The sky grew darker around him, and the wind picked up speed, but Caleb didn’t notice.

His thoughts wandered back to the conversation he’d had with Amira not too long after her conversion. They’d been walking along a bridge not much different than this one . . . .

Amira, he started, you must not go to your mosque any longer.

I know, she said. Her tone was dead. God will grant me the faith to do what needs to be done. Her voice began to grow with conviction, I am not afraid of dying for my faith. They crossed the bridge, stopping in the middle. I know that whatever happens, everything is going to be all right, she told him.

And I will be praying for you, Amira, Caleb promised.

Caleb took a deep breath and continued the prayer he hadn’t stopped since that day. Dear Father in heaven, You know all things. You know where Amira is right now, and You know the desires of her heart. Grant her peace, Lord, wherever she is. Help me to have the wisdom to know what to do. I feel useless, Lord, and I want to help. Please keep her safe. In Your precious Name I pray, Amen.

Caleb jumped up as a flash of lightning lit the darkening sky.

He glanced toward the graying clouds overhead and knew it wouldn’t be long before the sky let down a torrent of rain.

Caleb picked up his pace as another flash of lightning struck closely by. A loud crash of thunder caused his heart rate to pick up.  

He ran back to the tree to retrieve Arrow, but the horse wasn’t anywhere in sight.

Caleb mentally kicked himself for not securing the reins tighter. He should have remembered that Arrow was terrified of storms.

Caleb ran toward the castle as the rain started to fall. It fell in sheets, drenching his clothes. He bent his head as a gust of wind threatened to push him back.

Caleb ran parallel to the creek, watching the limbs and other debris wash quickly downstream. He wished his fears would wash away just as easily.


Queen Anna Haddington stood before the window in the palace library, cuddling her one-year-old daughter closely.

Thunder rumbled overhead, and lightning lit up the dark September sky.   

Where was Caleb?

Her brother was so withdrawn lately, but he wouldn’t speak of it when she tried to question him.

Anna wished Agnes was here. The sweet lady who had insisted she call her grandmother upon their first meeting was definitely a stronghold where Anna’s feelings were concerned.

She’d given her such godly advice on more than one occasion.

But Agnes, who lived with them at the palace, had left on a trip with a few of her friends last week.

She wouldn’t be back for at least two weeks, maybe three.

Agnes was too active for her eighty-six-year-old-body. But she’d assured Anna that she would be mostly sitting the entire trip. Maybe a little light shopping here and there, but mostly fun and enjoyment.

Perhaps William could talk to Caleb.

As if William heard her thoughts, he stepped into the library and smiled reassuringly as she turned a worried glance his way.

He soon joined her by the window and gently took Ella from her arms.

Isabelle was only a year old, but she had already succeeded in stealing everyone’s hearts.

If her dimpled smile and bright blue eyes didn’t cause you to fall in love at once, her adorable laugh and small head of tight blonde curls were sure to do the trick.

William cuddled his daughter closely and smiled as she caught hold of his finger with her tiny hand.

William gave Anna a reproving look. You aren’t worrying about Caleb, are you?

Anna looked slightly guilty. Maybe a little bit.

You know it’s a sin to be anxious, and worrying doesn’t help much either. A sympathetic look accompanied his statement.

Anna knew what he said was true. Her thoughts flew to the scripture in Psalms they’d memorized in family Bible time.

Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and He shall sustain thee: He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.

She knew the words well, but following the command was a different matter entirely. I just wish things could be how they used to be, before we arrived here.

William raised an eyebrow, a sly smile playing about his lips. Then you wouldn’t be married to me.

Anna laughed, You know what I mean, William. I just wish Caleb wasn’t so reserved. He seems to be in his own world half of the time. He’s missing all of Ella’s milestones and doesn’t seem to even be concerned about life anymore.

Anna’s eyes filled with tears. "Why just the other day Isaiah learned to throw his ball further than he’s ever thrown it. You should have seen his face, he was ecstatic. In his three-year-old mind, it was the best thing he’d ever done.

He saw Caleb across the courtyard and ran to tell his big brother all about it, but Caleb brushed him aside. I don’t know what Caleb told him, but whatever it was, it crushed Isaiah’s tender heart.

Anna’s temper grew. Caleb should be acting the role of a big brother, but he won’t take his responsibilities seriously. He’s too concerned about whatever it is he’s concerned about to notice things going on around him.

Anna took Ella back as she began to fuss. And I might be able to help if I knew what was bothering him, but he won’t speak of it. Anna cuddled Ella close, and she softened her tone. It’s really starting to bother me.

William nodded. So I see.

I know I shouldn’t worry, but I just can’t seem to help it.

William’s blue eyes softened, I’ll speak with him, if you’d like.

Anna’s shoulders relaxed in relief. Thank you, William.

Ella grabbed a handful of Anna’s dark brown hair in her fist and stuffed it in her mouth. Anna laughed and untangled it from her fingers. That wouldn’t taste too good, darling.

Anna turned expectantly at the sound of footsteps outside the library, but it was only her sisters, Margret and Julianna.

Margret would soon be six, and she continued to adore her almost eleven-year-old sister. Julianna wholeheartedly returned the feeling.  

The girl’s voices rose as they neared the library, and their tones pitched high in alarm.

Margret entered first, her hands pulling at one of her braids, a nervous habit Anna couldn’t break. Her face was twisted. Her voice tinted with anxiety. Caleb’s horse showed up without him!

Julianna’s expression was guarded as she joined the group, but Anna could tell many emotions were bubbling beneath the surface. Do you think he was thrown, Anna? Or did Arrow run off in the storm? You know how much he hates thunderstorms.

Anna turned a concerned glance William’s way. Do you think everything’s alright? Oh, William, what if something happened to him?

William pressed her arm gently. Don’t borrow trouble, ladies. I’ll go look for him.

He left quickly, leaving Anna alone with her sisters. Let’s pray for Caleb, girls.

Margret and Julianna looked on the verge of tears.

Anna had always been close to all her siblings, and she couldn’t imagine what she would do if something happened to any of them.

She took a rocking chair by the fireplace, and Margret and Julianna sat on low stools by her feet. Ella searched their faces with quiet eyes, as if noticing that something wasn’t right.

Anna bowed her head and shut her eyes tightly. Dear Lord, You know where Caleb is right now. You know what he’s going through. You know about the storm that’s going on not only outside, but inside his soul as well. Keep him safe if he’s out in this storm and hold him tightly in the palm of Your hand . . . .


William mounted his horse and broke him into a gallop. Come on, Mercury, he commanded, digging his heels into the horse's sides.

A flash of lightning lit up the sky, showing William firsthand what they were up against.

He’d have to get a few stable hands down to the lower pasture once the storm blew over. There would no doubt be a lot of cleaning that needed to be done.

Dodging a fallen tree limb, he exited the palace gate.

He urged his stubborn horse to go faster but slowed down once they were off the hard ground. It wouldn’t help the situation much if Mercury stumbled.

William felt Mercury’s hooves slide on the mud as he descended a steep hill. He leaned back in the saddle and prayed they wouldn’t slip.

Once Mercury had regained his footing, William urged him on.

He’d take the road leading toward the bridge. Anna mentioned the other day that the bridge was Caleb’s favorite place to go.

 Maybe he took a spill on his way home. What were the other options?

Water poured down William’s back, a stark reminder that he’d forgotten to grab his overcoat.

The rain was so loud, William could scarcely think straight.

Half-way to the bridge his panic grew. Maybe he’d taken shelter under a tree.

William shook his head. Surely, he wouldn’t have been so foolhardy. He had warned all the children about the dangers of being under a tree in a lightning storm.

A brilliant flash of lightning lit up the sky, exposing the silhouette of a person a few yards away.

William’s heart rate picked up speed as he took in the doubled over position of the person.

He dug his heels into Mercury’s sides, and the horse picked up speed.

Caleb?! William yelled above the rain.

Caleb’s head jerked up at the sound, and William saw relief in the young

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