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This is a book that I wrote and published some years ago while living in Spain and is a work of pure fiction. Only recently has it become a brutal and harsh reality. Whilst within my story a cure was found, albeit from an unprobable source. At the moment ad despite the efforts of many a cure or deterent against the virus has not yet been found. We can only hope and pray that some means of trradicating the virus is soon found irrespective of where that cure comes from and what it might be. Ultymately where that cure comes from and what it consists of is unimportant, the cure the only thing of importance.Despite having written a book describing more or less what is now happening worldwide I am no less shocked than everyone else. It seems that in the mean time we must avoid each other like the plague and quite litterally so.. Take care and God bless each of you, Terrence Aubrey.

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