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One Breath Meditation

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One Breath Meditation

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Learn the art to compose, calm and keep moving forward with one breath.

When life gets too overwhelming, or the voices in your head are telling you to give up, you may not have 90 minutes to sit quietly and de-stress.
Learn the One Breath Meditation tools to quickly turn your stress into calm and keep control of life challenges, no matter how time poor you are.
Author and creator of One Breath Meditation, Damien Rider has been internationally recognised for his triumphs over adversity throughout his entire life.
Damien is a multiple world record breaking ultra endurance athlete, mindset specialist, documentary executive producer and high achieving entrepreneur. He has purposely put himself through physical, mental, emotional stress and trauma over many years to develop the tools to keep moving forward.
After travelling the world perfecting his work, he now wants to share the One Breath Meditation with you.

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