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Intermediate Wire Weaving: How to Create Wire Jewelry Without Splurging on Expensive Metals

Intermediate Wire Weaving: How to Create Wire Jewelry Without Splurging on Expensive Metals

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Intermediate Wire Weaving: How to Create Wire Jewelry Without Splurging on Expensive Metals

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90 pages
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Jun 29, 2019


Powerful wire weaving techniques for intermediate wire workers

Do you want to take your wire weaving skills to the next level?

Do you want to make designs that you can make, gift, and wear?

Do you want to do this without spending $60 or more on wire weaving classes?

I, Amy Lange, will share the secrets to improving your wire weaving skills and making wire jewelry that you will enjoy wearing and gifting, without splurging on expensive metals.

Any creative person or someone who likes to play with wire could benefit from learning the secrets inside to better their wire weaving skills.

In this book you will discover:

• The #1 material you should be using to make your wire jewelry, that is both inexpensive and easy to work with

• 1 simple 'hack' that will allow you to never purchase a clasp or earring wire again

• 4 versatile intermediate wire weaving techniques, that you can use to add your 'personal touch' to projects

• A 'crazy' but simple way to oxidize metal without liver of sulfur

• 6 intricate and beautiful designs that you can make, wear, and gift to those close to you

• The #1 tool you should use to shape your bail correctly

• One major mistake that may ruin expensive base wires in your projects, and how to solve it

Here are the answers to some questions you might have about this book:

Q: I don't have much experience making wire jewelry. Can I still make the projects taught inside this book?

A: Yes. There are basic techniques included inside as well, that will ensure that you can progress, without making too big of a jump. So if you have made even the most simple wire jewelry, then you will be able to enjoy and make the projects inside this book.

Q: I don't have much money but I want to make wire jewelry. Can your book help me?

A: Yes. All projects inside this book have been optimized for low cost metals.

I show you exactly how to make jewelry that you can wear and sell, with a minimal starting investment of a few basic hand tools and some wire. So you need don't much money to start.

Q: Will I get to put my own twist to the projects inside this book?

A: Of course. There is a whole section that explains how to add your personal touch with some intricate and useful techniques.

Every day that you delay is another day that you spend money on expensive materials to make the same boring jewelry.

Take action and buy this book now!

Jun 29, 2019

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Intermediate Wire Weaving - Amy Lange

Intermediate Wire Weaving

How to Create Wire Jewelry Without Splurging on Expensive Metals

© Copyright 2019 - All rights reserved.

The content contained within this book may not be reproduced, duplicated or transmitted without direct written permission from the author or the publisher.

Under no circumstances will any blame or legal responsibility be held against the publisher, or author, for any damages, reparation, or monetary loss due to the information contained within this book, either directly or indirectly.

Legal Notice:

This book is copyright protected. It is only for personal use. You cannot amend, distribute, sell, use, quote or paraphrase any part, or the content within this book, without the consent of the author or publisher.

Disclaimer Notice:

Please note the information contained within this document is for educational and entertainment purposes only. All effort has been executed to present accurate, up to date, reliable, complete information. No warranties of any kind are declared or implied. Readers acknowledge that the author is not engaging in the rendering of legal, financial, medical or professional advice. The content within this book has been derived from various sources. Please consult a licensed professional before attempting any techniques outlined in this book.

By reading this document, the reader agrees that under no circumstances is the author responsible for any losses, direct or indirect, that are incurred as a result of the use of information contained within this document, including, but not limited to, errors, omissions, or inaccuracies.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Weaves

Circular Weave

Over-Over Weave

Over-Under Weave

Bezel Wire Weave

Diagonal Wire Weave

Chapter 2: Projects

Woven Bezel Pendant

Wire Woven Brooch Pin

Braided Wire Woven Cuff Bracelet

Wire Woven Filigree Earrings

Wire Tree Pendant

Wire Woven Ring

Chapter 3: Personalizing Projects

Use a Different Weave Technique

Add Beads/Change the Bead Size or Style

Get Creative with Your Supplies

Chapter 4: Common Wire Weaving Problems

What Are Some Inexpensive but Effective Wire Choices for First Timers/Intermediate Weavers?

How Do I Stop Overworking and Mangling My Base Wires?

How Can I Make Wire Weaving Easier on My Hands?

Is There a Way to Oxidize Metal Without Liver of Sulfur?

How and Where Can I Substitute Silver Wire with Copper Wire?

Chapter 5: How to Make Your Own Findings

Chapter 6: Cold Connections

Pierced Cold Connections

Adhered Cold Connections

Chapter 7: Suppliers and Resources




There’s nothing that satisfies the creativity bug quite like making handcrafted, tangible, beautiful items. Artistic outlets come in all shapes and sizes, but some offer more rewarding end results than others. Wire weaving is one such outlet.

Wire weaving is a jewelry-making technique that is used to create both charmingly simple and stunningly complex designs, and if you’re reading this, then you’ve clearly fallen in love with the craft. As one of the oldest techniques for making jewelry still practiced to this day, there’s a lot of information out there regarding which weaves to use, what projects to make, and the many variations of materials you can utilize in order to come up with your own unique pieces. It almost becomes overwhelming to sort it all out, especially once you’re past the beginner stages. That’s where Intermediate Wire Weaving comes in.

This guide offers step by step instructions that teach you more advanced weaves, including over-under, circular, and bezel wire, among others. You’ll also be able to put your newfound knowledge of these weaves into practice with the projects laid out in Chapter 2. From brooch pins to ear cuffs, you’ll discover a world of possibilities that will open up once you have a few weave patterns under your belt. This book will cover everything needed to successfully complete these projects, from the type of wire you need to the weaves you’ll be using. If you’re not familiar with what is considered to be the beginner weaves, I encourage you to pick up a book on beginner techniques or do some research and master the basics first. You’ll understand the intermediate weaves and more difficult projects better if you have a firm grasp of the essential weaves that act as the foundation.

After you master

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  • (2/5)

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    No pictures to accompany the text, making it not easy to follow or even imagine what is being made. A shame because the book is well written!

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    The instructions were written well, but there were no pictures of what she is describing. So if you are strictly a visual learner, you might be disappointed.

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