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The Life and Travels of da Vinci 2nd Trilogy: The Life and Travels of da Vinci

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The Life and Travels of da Vinci 2nd Trilogy: The Life and Travels of da Vinci

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Three Novels – One Book: Historical Fiction starring Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo: A Return to Florence:

Join Leonardo da Vinci as he returns to Florence, works on several painting commissions, and then joins the ruthless Cesare Borgia as his military advisor.  

Leonardo:  A Return to Painting:

Borgia requests Leonardo accompany him on a quick trip to Rome before finishing his role as Borgia's military advisor.  Leonardo is ready to return to Florence and begin painting again. During the next several years he takes on two of his most significant commissions - the portrait that will someday be known to the world as Mona Lisa, and the wall mural of the Battle of Anghiari - even larger than his previous mural, the Last Supper.

Leonardo and the Looming Litigation:

Troubles seem to be the new normal for a busy Leonardo. The Signoria in Florence have threatened to sue him to finish the Battle Painting he had started and walked away from. The friars in Milan are suing him to redo an altarpiece he had done for them almost two decades before. And his eleven half-siblings are suing him to keep him from inheriting their uncle's property. 

These family-friendly novels have delighted readers of all ages.

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