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Golf Talk Radio M&B - 11.07.2009 - Shawn Benson, CEO Acculength Clubs - Hour 1: Golf Talk Radio M&B - Shawn Benson, CEO Acculength - Hour 1

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During Mike's Course - Mike & Billy discuss the upcoming Straight Down Fall Classic and the challenges the golf industry faces not only economically but also with resources such as water.  Introducing Acculength, the only custom fit Junior clubs that grow with your child. Most juniors develop their swings using faulty equipment that leads to life long swing flaws. Historically, kids learned the game with adult clubs that were cut down to junior size, but were still way too heavy and unbalanced which made learning the game difficult for even the most athletic kids.Accu-Length's Custom Fit System Makes Learning the Game EasyPGA teaching professionals agree that a correctly fitted club is the most important factor in a junior golfer's development. It provides them a better chance to get the ball airborne consistently and is critical to proper swing motion.Custom fit for length, weight, and balanceNo transition between sets – your child will learn the game using only one set, saving you money and speeding up the learning processOne set – 5 seasons, think of the money you'll save!Top of the line materials provide high performance and durability for years of enjoyable useEasy to hit irons and wood make learning fast and easyLightweight and durable stand bag is comfortable to carry so your child can play 18 holes and be ready for moreSimple to use spacers make expanding clubs a breezehttp://www.clubsthatgrow.comEnter "ESPN" in the Promo Code Section at check out and receive a FREE Driver!Mike & Billy play the GTR golf trivia game Driver of the Day sponsored by Golflandwarehouse -  Avila Beach Golf Resort - Blacklake Golf Resort - www.blacklake.comInn at Avila Beach - www.avilabeachca.comAvila LaFonda Hotel - www.avilalafondahotel.comGolfland Warehouse - www.golflandwarehouse.comSlickstix - www.slickstix.comFor more information on Golf Talk Radio with Mike & Billy visit and visit for Golf Talk TV with Mike & Billy. 

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