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Golf Talk Radio M&B - 5/30/2009 - Women's Golf Month, TALY Mind Set & Jim Delaby, PGA - Hour 1: Golf Talk Radio M&B - 05/30/2009 - Women's Golf Month, TALY Mind Set & Jim Delaby, PGA - Hour 1

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During hour 1 Mike and Billy discuss the PGA's Women's Golf Month and Josh Heptig calls in from Dairy Creek, Morro Bay and Chalk Mountain Golf Courses located in San Luis Obispo County, California.  Visit www.playgolfamerica for Women's Golf Month programs around the United States.  The MIND Set® from TALY® is the revolutionary mechanical device for improving your performance in golf. The MIND Set introduces an engineered mental reference point for your golf swing called a Talynt® point in the form of a red ball. Your Talynt point takes the emphasis away from your physical ability and brings it to the mental level. Once you accept the unique approach of using a Mental Reference Point to free your thoughts, your golf swing will become intuitive, natural, and consistently accurate. The Taly Company was developed to raise the bar on scoring and increase people's enjoyment of sport. The company brings a revolutionary approach to the world of athletics; one that breaks through the mental barrier and unleashes the next level of performance.Founded by Taly Williams, the company’s mission is to take sport to a new, heightened dimension where people score with confidence by trusting their talent.Taly Williams, President and CEOTaly Williams is a professional engineer and a former professional athlete. Taly is the nation's leading authority on MIND Mechanics® and holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Engineering from the University of Waterloo.Taly used his skill and aptitude to develop a revolutionary mechanical device for the game of golf called The MIND SetTM from TALY®. Taly created The MIND Set because he recognized that people were frustrated with the game and it didn't make sense that he himself couldn't consistently play well.Golf is a difficult sport, and even with great practice it is still difficult to transfer your skills to the course. Taly understood that people often lose mental focus and succumb to the pressure of the game. He also recognized that the greatest challenge in golf is performing when it counts.So Taly developed a tool for the mental game which ensures that one's focus, mental stamina, and confidence are all in sync and elevated at the appropriate moment. The MIND Set draws from the fields of mathematics, science, psychology and engineering and acts as a compass to guide the player through their golf swing.The MIND Set is based on a revolutionary new science called MIND Mechanics, where you Move Your MINDTM and your body will follow! The bar has been raised on scoring, and MIND Mechanics will free professionals to consistently shoot in the fifties  www.talygolf.comJim Delaby, PGA and SCGA Norther Chapters 2-time Teacher of the Year calls in to chat with Mike & Billy.  Visit Jim's website at  Avila Beach Golf Resort - Blacklake Golf Resort - www.blacklake.comInn at Avila Beach - www.avilabeachca.comAvila LaFonda Hotel - www.avilalafondahotel.comGolfland Warehouse - www.golflandwarehouse.comSlickstix - www.slickstix.comFor more information on Golf Talk Radio with Mike & Billy visit and visit for Golf Talk TV with Mike & Billy. 

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