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UK and US arms sales to Saudi Arabia under threat: Lucrative deals in both countries in danger over the war in Yemen.

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The Court of Appeal in the UK ruled that the British government must review the way it grants export licences for arms sales to Saudi Arabia - after ruling that current procedures were unlawful. And in the United States the Senate - controlled by the Republican Party - voted to block a US/Saudi arms deal worth 8.1 billion dollars. We assess the political and economic fallout.

This has been a confusing week for Canadians who want their government to adopt a more robust environmental policy. On Monday - declaration of a Climate Emergency. On Tuesday - expansion of a pipeline carrying the output of Alberta's tar sands industry. On Thursday, a ban on the import and export of shark fins. And all this up and down followed a ban on single-use plastics that will come into effect in two years’ time. How do environmental activists assess policies by Prime Minister Trudeau?

The bi-annual Africa Cup of Nations tournament is about to kick off once again when the hosts Egypt face Zimbabwe in Cairo on Friday. Organisers hope it will provide a significant boost to the Egyptian economy - but a shadow that often lingers over major sporting events like the Olympic Games is once again stalking this tournament - is the economic benefit of hosting such events over-hyped?

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