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1916 - Episode 15: 'The End of Ireland Old': The End of Ireland Old

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In this episode we bid farewell to our protagonists, many of whom we've followed from their early days. The British act of executing the 15 rebels, who varied from leaders to random captains, would ingrain a sense of injustice in the Irish people at the whole proceedings, and would also fulfill the prophecy of men like Pearse, who had believed in the power and necessity of sacrifice to awaken Ireland. Within this episode we'll also see the Irish MPs in Westminster like John Redmond, John Dillon and even Edward Carson weigh in on the debate, as how to best proceed and what not to do is debated, and the British administration appear helpless to penetrate the control of Sir John Maxwell, the military governor they had appointed to rule Ireland under a system of martial law. The results would be profound. MUSIC: 'Poblacht na hEireann' by Patrick Cassidy from the album '1916'. I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS SONG.
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