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Hollywood sex abuse showdown with Mom: Corey Haim's mom disputes Corey Feldman's claim

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9 Florida State University students face charges in the alcohol poisoning death of a frat pledge. Nancy Graces looks at the probe of Andrew Coffey's death with psycho analyst Dr. Bethany Marshall, forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan, and reporter Larry Meagher. Investigators say a Facebook selfie helped solve the strangling death of Brittney Gargol. Cheyenne Rose Antoine, 21, was pictured wearing the belt detectives say she used to strangle the 18 year old . Antoine has been sentenced to 7 years in prison. Grace discusses the case with private investigator Vincent Hill, psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman, and reporter Alexis Tereszcuk. Judy Haim, mother of Corey Haim, and Greg Harrison, a close friend of the late child actor, visit with Nancy to dispute sex assault allegations made by actor Corey Feldman.

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