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Sissy in the Woods: Forced Feminised Outdoors to Please his Dominant Mistress

Sissy in the Woods: Forced Feminised Outdoors to Please his Dominant Mistress

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Sissy in the Woods: Forced Feminised Outdoors to Please his Dominant Mistress

32 pages
29 minutes
Jul 19, 2019


If you go down to the woods today beware of a sissy surprise . . .

Charlie Morris fantasies become a reality when he encounters a beautiful and mysterious woman in his local supermarket. Naturally dominant, he is immediately attracted to her and she begins his tuition in the art of submission in a local wood close to his place of work. He is slowly manipulated by his Mistress’s guile and superiority and soon Charlie finds himself in a position of slavery and submission to this powerful dominatrix that uses her seductive charms and some well-chosen blackmail to push him into panties and become her outdoor sissy slave. But where will this lead, will his Mistress fully enslave him and make him hers or does she have other plans for him? Read ‘Sissy in the Woods’ to find out the fate of this forced feminised sissy slave.

Jul 19, 2019

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Sissy in the Woods - Felicity Fyst

Sissy in the Woods 

Forced Feminised Outdoors to Please his Dominant Mistress

By Felicity Fyst

Women Rule Series No. 2

Hautbois Publishing | 2019

Table of Contents Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | ABOUT THE AUTHOR | SERVICE

Chapter 1

IT WAS LATE AUTUMN WHEN Charlie Morris had first encountered his mistress; it was a Friday and they met on the bridge in town walking in opposite directions. She was on the phone, he had his head in the clouds. He did not realise how stunning she was until she was almost in touching distance.  His eyes were fixed on the black polished riding boots as she purposefully strided towards him in.

Charlie had always had a thing about riding boots, jodhpurs and riding crops. He often thought about the girl at work who occasionally talked about the horse she rode as a teenager.

This woman was different than the beautiful blonde-haired office worker, she walked with authority and clearly someone at the end of her phone was receiving a good piece of her authority. 

Charlie finally let his eyes travel up her jeans and her jacket to her face where he was horrified to see she was staring directly at him. 

Her gaze seemed to penetrate his mind and he blushed at the thought of her knowing all his depraved thoughts lusting after her riding boots and her bowing down to kiss them.

She smirked as she passed. It was not an unfriendly smirk but it was, in Charlies opinion, definitely superior. 

He carried the vision of her to work. Her long dark hair cascading down her back her slim but powerful thighs and her magnificent boots he just wanted to grovel in front of and worship.

He knew that such women were far and few between. He sought such dominant booted women on the internet, frequently he had to pay for their time as he gazed adoringly at their tight leggings and long thigh high boots and frequently, he would receive the same superior smirk tinged with disgust at the figure on the other end of the web cam.

 Charlie had often felt guilt at his hobby,

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