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Edwardian Fashions: A Snapshot in Time from Harper's Bazar 1906

Edwardian Fashions: A Snapshot in Time from Harper's Bazar 1906

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Edwardian Fashions: A Snapshot in Time from Harper's Bazar 1906

336 pages
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Nov 13, 2019


Although Edwardian-era clothing remains popular among fashion enthusiasts, there are very few books focusing on styles of the early 1900s. This compilation bridges that gap with dozens of authentic images from the period, selected from 1906 editions of Harper's Bazar. Since its first publication in 1867, the magazine has reflected contemporary styles and trends, and these illustrations — from spring hats and fancy aprons to French evening gowns and bridal attire — offer an intriguing reflection of American values at the turn of the twentieth century.
The four-part collection begins with everyday fashions, including sweeping gowns for home, travel, and outdoors. A section of seasonal fashions features spring and summer ensembles, followed by an assortment of styles for weddings, the theater, and other special occasions. The final section, For the Young and Old, includes simple gowns for both ends of the age spectrum as well as graduation gowns. Costumers, fashion designers, and anyone interested in the history of style and couture will welcome this choice assembly of genuine Edwardian fashions.
Nov 13, 2019

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Kristina Seleshanko, former adjunct instructor of writing and women’s history, is the author of fourteen books, including Victorian and Edwardian Fashions for Women (featured in Martha Stewart Weddings), Victorian Fashions in America, Singing Secrets and others. Kristina also writes articles on a variety of topics for magazines such as Today’s Christian Women, Woman’s Day, Country Victorian, True West Journal, and Sew News.

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Edwardian Fashions - Kristina Seleshanko


ALTHOUGH the winter season has begun in earnest and winter fashions are no longer a sealed book, but have been set before the public for some time, the clothes question is just as interesting as ever to those individuals who recognize that Dress—with a capital D—is a subject of vital importance to any one who has the proper realization of the fitness of things. To know that one is correctly gowned, in accordance with the fashions of the day, that the gowns chosen are suitable and becoming and markedly distinctive, certainly gives a delightful sense of satisfaction that in turn engenders a complete unconsciousness of self. With the short gown a success, the house gown also satisfactory, and the evening gowns made after the latest models, a good solid background of stability is obtained upon which may be built a perfect pyramid, as one might say, of dainty and expensive extras.

The skating costume comes first on the list of extras, and skating is to be a most fashionable sport this winter. On the elaborate order is a costume consisting of fur jacket and velours skirt. The jacket is of caracul trimmed with a fancy black and white braid, and further ornamented with cut-steel buttons. On the skirt is a trimming of the fur let in, and also the same black and white braid. The costume is extremely smart, and the model can be used for a street gown equally well.

SMART THEATRE WAIST of dead-white cloth cut in one piece with the belt and draped; frills of white edged with black.

A much less expensive but no less smart model is made of olive-green cheviot with velvet collar. The waistcoat, belt, and cuffs of tan cloth or leather are in good contrast to the green of the material, making it lighter and far more effective. The beauty of this model is in its smart cut and apparent simplicity, and while in the original design the colors described were indicated, the same model carried out in another color or black will be equally satisfactory.

SPECIAL ADVANCE DESIGN of coat and skirt of old-pink cloth trimmed with cut-work and embroidery and stitched bands of the same; black velvet on edges and run through slits; tucked vest of white silk.

HOUSE GOWN of gray mousseline and white lace, the bolero short in front; high silver belt and little silver bands on the sleeves; lace bolero draped and caught at the belt behind.

SHORT SUIT for street or skating, of dark olive-green cheviot with bright-green velvet collar, bands on the skirt pleats, and edge to the high cuffs; vest, belt, and little cuffs of tan cloth or leather.

SKATING COSTUME consisting of a caracul coat trimmed with tancy black and white braid, with cut-steel buttons and black and white belt; black velours skirt inlet with fur and edged with

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