Wheat Songs: A Greek-American Journey

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Wheat Songs: A Greek-American Journey

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The most outstanding feature is the interweaving of the grandfather’s stories—revealed in segments during progressive visits while the grandfather is in the process of dying, with the author’s own stories about his relationships and struggle to understand what it means to be a contemporary man within his family’s traditions. The interaction between the two men, one very young and the other very old, not only strengthens a bond that deeply affects the author, but resolves the grandson’s struggle to reconcile his obligations to his grandfather, his pappou, with his desire to find his own path.

The relationship between the grandson and his grandfather creates a universality that will appeal to people

The cultural and historical specificity of the work will also make it appealing to groups of individuals including Greeks, Italians, Bronxites, New Yorkers and people interested in history

The structure of the narrative make the historical and brutal aspects very accessible and weaves a story that will encourage readers to feel a range of emotions and feel engaged throughout

It is a relatively short piece that packs a serious philosophical punch

It is based on a first-hand account of the events in Greece during WWII 

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