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Leonardo vs Michelangelo

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Leonardo vs Michelangelo

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The compulsion to pit Leonardo against Michelangelo has gripped mankind for over five centuries.

Whether it was by their Florentine contemporaries (who commissioned each titan to create a battle scene on opposite walls in the Great Council Hall in the Palazzo Vecchio) or by modern historians and authors (who sometimes skew their works with intentional bias or mistaken judgments), the urge to assess and pass final verdicts on these two colossal artists persists.

In this brief and enlightening study, award-winning author and artist Rich DiSilvio tackles some of these falsehoods to shed light on some of the erroneous views that have attempted to sway people’s perceptions. Providing visual and historical evidence to back up his rebuttals, DiSilvio opens our eyes to not only the falsehoods, but also to how Leonardo and Michelangelo actually surpassed each other in certain skills, dominated all of their peers, and influenced future generations.

Critiques of works by Jonathan Jones, Walter Isaacson, and Stephanie Storey reveal the errors that persist in judging these two iconic masters of the Renaissance, giving readers a logical, eye-opening portrait of Western civilization’s two most prized and adored artists.

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