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My Wee Granny's Meat Free Recipes

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My Wee Granny's Meat Free Recipes

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From vinaigrettes, sauces and catsups, to curries, soups, stews, shellfish, and more - this book is full of meat-free recipes handed down in my family through five generations. Try the delicious potato turnovers, or how about the John Dory with cockles, spinach and egg sauce, or the aubergine and lentil bake? Whether you're looking to prepare and cook something light for lunch, or looking for ideas for a sumptuous dinner, or simply fancy a different version of a soup or a curry, you'll find what you're looking for between these pages. All recipes are meat-free, but some do contain derivatives such as cream and cheese, and the book also includes fish and seafood recipes. Most recipes are suitable for strict vegetarians and some recipes are suitable for vegans.

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