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COVID-19 Lockdown: Unreported Truths & Perspective: COVID-19, #1

COVID-19 Lockdown: Unreported Truths & Perspective: COVID-19, #1

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COVID-19 Lockdown: Unreported Truths & Perspective: COVID-19, #1

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152 pages
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Jul 21, 2020


Is this really happening?

  • I watch in almost disbelief that all schools and businesses are closed across the country. I watch on TV, read online and hear what reporters, politicians, governmental officials and many in the medical community are saying and it just does not add up. The information I am hearing in the media does not correlate well with what I see and what I hear from many physician colleagues across the country. I understand that COVID-19 can be bad but as a doctor, I question is this much fear and panic warranted? 
  • What is the risk to me, you or our families?
  • Is this virus as bad as many report?
  • Do masks protect us and if so, which are better?
  • How can we protect ourselves?
  • I just cannot help but get a funny feeling that something is not right. Am I missing something?
  • Is the public not being told something?
  • Is there some other or ulterior motive for all of this?
  • How can the predictions be so off?
  • How many people have really died? How are the number of deaths calculated?
  • Why can't we get answers?
  • I realized there are many questions and no one seems to really have answers. I get the feeling I am in a bad dream or an episode of the Twilight zone.
  • I decided to do what I normally do when things don't add up or are confusing, I did research. I investigated for myself and instead of trusting opinions, I trusted data. After doing extensive reading, discussing with many colleagues and professionals, and much analysis, I discovered that there is a lot of information that many do not know. If they did, perhaps people would not be as fearful or as panicked.
  • People may be surprised, even shocked to learn how the number of deaths are "calculated" as opposed to actually being counted.
  • People will be surprised about testing. The types, number of tests and the inaccuracy of many of them.
  • When you read about the consequences of the lockdown, you will realize that the lockdown has significant consequences well beyond ruining the economy. The shutdown may ultimately cause more deaths than the virus itself. 
  • When I set off to research this important topic, I was in search of the truth, whatever it may be. 
  • The pandemic and decisions that must be made are complicated. Anyone who says otherwise probably does not have a grasp of the complexity of the matter. But, once you read Part 1 and Part 2 of the series, you will gain information and facts that will reinforce what you believe, make you think differently, better understand the issues and hopefully gain more perspective on the matter. You will see the answers to these questions and many more:
  • 1) What is the Coronavirus and where did it really come from?
  • 2) What is the difference between the Coronavirus and COVID-19? Very important difference
  • 3) How many people have caught or tested positive for coronavirus?
  • 4) How many people have died from COVID-19? How is this number calculated?
  • 5) What types of tests are there for Coronavirus? How accurate are they?
  • 6) Why were the predictions so wrong?
  • 7) What are the consequences of the lockdown? Deaths? Financial? Suffering?
  • 8) What "mistakes" may have been made?
  • 9) How can we be better prepared in the future or prevent a similar pandemic in the future? After reading this series of books, you will likely know more than many politicians, government officials and reporters on TV. I encourage you to read this, learn the information and then reach your own conclusions.
  • Don't be AFRAID or PANIC...Be INFORMED!
Jul 21, 2020

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Dr. Etch, as he is known to many of his patients and colleagues, is an emergency physician dedicated to improving the well-being of his patients and the public. He has been a patient advocate champion and a strong believer in speaking the truth, providing accurate information and perspective to enlighten and empower his patients and the world. He left high school early to attend the University of California at Berkeley, before completing his college education and earning a BA degree in economics from the University of Virginia. He attended the University of Virginia School of Medicine and completed his internship and residency at Orlando Regional Medical Center, a Level I trauma center. He has practiced emergency medicine for over 20 years, seen close to 100,000 patients and has held numerous leadership positions locally, statewide and nationally. He has been a champion of Telemedicine long before it was widely accepted and was the first physician to provide Tele-Emergency Medicine care in the state of Louisiana in 2015. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, he provided Telemedicine services to patients in numerous states and refused to charge a single patient for his professional services. During the COVID-19 Crisis, his expertise was sought after by physicians, physician groups and government agencies throughout the United States. He speaks to groups nationally regarding Telehealth, healthcare and COVID-19, and has served as the National Chair of the Telehealth Section for the American College of Emergency Physicians. Dr. Etch enjoys traveling, reading, learning and helping others. He supports small businesses and individuals who seek to improve their lives and the communities they live in. He is a dog lover and has two rescues of his own. Dr. Etch encourages anyone thinking of getting a loyal "furry friend" to get a rescue. He is a big supporter of better, and the kind, treatment of all animals.

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COVID-19 Lockdown - Dr. Etch Shaheen, MD



Unreported Truths


Part 1: Introduction, Fundamentals

Definition, Origin, Testing & Deaths



Dr. Etch Shaheen, M.D.

Copyright © 2020 by E. Shaheen, M.D. All rights reserved.

Published by Knowledge is Power (K.I.P.) Publishing, part of On Call Enterprises, Inc. P.O. Box 4238, Lake Charles, Louisiana 70606.

All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced, scanned, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means whatsoever that is possible today, or may be developed and available in the future, without the prior, expressed written permission of the publisher. The exception to this is in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and review. For information, contact Knowledge is Power Publishers, P.O. Box 4238, Lake Charles, LA 70606.

Any information, name, phone number, physical or internet address, reference, company name or service printed in this book is this book is offered as a resource and not intended to imply agreement or endorsement by KIP Publishing, nor does KIP Publishing guarantee their accuracy or existence.

This book is intended for informative and entertainment purposes. It is not intended to serve as medical advice or any advice of any kind. If anyone has a medical condition, they should seek the advice of their physician or a qualified medical expert. No one should make any decision regarding their health, behavior, public health decisions, medical treatment, medications, or any other aspect based on what is contained in this book. The author and publisher assume no responsibility for anyone’s healthcare or other matters, including but not limited to decisions related to whether to seek medical attention, what type of precautions to take, where to seek medical attention, what provider or entity to choose, what medical related decisions to make, investment decisions, or any other decisions or actions, etc. Such decisions are important, and you should consult with trusted and appropriate professionals i.e. your physician, public health officials, CDC, etc., who are experts and knowledgeable about the particulars of your specific circumstances.

ISBN 978-1-952827-16-7

Anna & Charlie

Table of Contents


Chapter One:

Coronavirus Fundamentals

Definition of Coronavirus

Naming of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19

Origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus

How is SARS-CoV-2 spread?

Risk Factors for Worse Outcomes

Infection Avoidance

Masks and Respirators


Treatment for SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19








Chapter 2:


Prediction Terms:

Actual Cases

Confirmed Cases

Excess Deaths

Mortality Rate

Infection Fatality Rate (IFR)

Some Perspective

Chapter Three:

Diagnostic Testing

Molecular Tests

PCR Test

Antigen Test

Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification.

Serology Test

ELISA tests.

Neutralizing Antibody Test.

Reasons for Poor Test Results

Specimens Samples

Laboratory Personnel


Test Itself

Testing Take Home Points

Chapter Four:

COVID-19 Death Statistic


Is it possible that our schools would all close and millions of Americans would be confined to their homes? Is it possible that ordinary well-intentioned citizens are threatened with arrest or imprisonment for simply wanting to go to work? Instead of a country that values the rights of an individual, has America become a place where mayors and governors decide to become mini-dictators and order law abiding citizens to obey their self-proclaimed executive and emergency orders?

Like many others, when I first heard of some virus that was affecting Wuhan China in late December 2019 and early January of 2020, I did not pay much attention to it. Over the course of the following days and weeks, as I heard of more and more people being affected and dying, it caught my attention. As it turns out, the original case of the novel coronavirus (that would later be officially named SARS-CoV-2) emerged on November 17, according to data from the Chinese government reviewed by South China Morning Post.[i] When I heard stories of people in the entire city of Wuhan being confined to their homes, and in some cases entrances to their homes being welded shut and armed personnel patrolling the abandoned streets, I was concerned the Chinese government was not telling the world what they may have known. I wanted to know more. Is this thing, this virus that some referred to as the Wuhan Virus or Wuhan Flu at time, as bad as it is starting to sound? Being a physician and aware of what occurred with the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, I wondered if this new virus could be something like that. Was this being blown out of proportion so the media could pull in more viewers, or could it be some secret biologic experiment that went wrong?

While I do not consider myself a conspiracy theorist, I like to verify certain things.  Especially information that is important to get right and that can have significant ramifications. I try to investigate things that do not make sense, or seem unusual to me. In such cases, I read, speak to knowledgeable people, and try not to be naïve. I try to better educate myself. As a physician, I often look at X-rays or CT scans myself even if the radiologist has already made a reading. It is not that I do not trust their interpretation, I just feel better if I can look at the image myself and verify his report. Almost always, I discover the reading to be accurate and consistent with what I have found clinically. i.e. what I suspect after taking a thorough history and performing a physical exam. But when the radiologist’s reading of the X-ray or scan is unexpected, or does not make sense, I make sure to review the X-ray or scan. On occasion, the report is incorrect. The radiologist may have looked at the wrong patient’s scan, the medical record number may have been incorrectly entered, an old image may have been saved under the wrong patient’s medical record number, the transcriptionist or transcription software, may have transcribed the report incorrectly, etc. Over the years, I have learned to trust but verify as it often helps me understand things that initially do not seem to make sense. After investigating for myself, I often discover information that helps to reconcile matters.

I understand that governments have done things that they do not announce, or people do not learn about until after the fact. I think of the Japanese government and its representatives and the scientific experiments they did with their prisoners of war during World War II, what the Nazi Germany did to Jews in concentration camps, and the United States government with the Tuskegee Airmen, etc. I have learned over the years to trust but verify things, especially when things seem unusual or just do not seem right. Some call this that little voice inside your head or when the hair stands up on the back of your neck. Others call it that funny feeling you get. As a physician who knows a bit about infections, viruses, typical symptoms and how viruses affect people, what I was seeing on TV, hearing, and reading in the media did not seem right in 2020.

I tried to rationalize. I thought, this is China, a communist country. This is the country that kills its own people and lies about it. Remember Tiananmen Square on June 3 or 4, 1989 when government troops reportedly opened fire on civilians and students who were protesting for change and tanks reportedly ran over unarmed protestors.[ii] China is the country where the government forces about a million or so Uyghur Muslims into labor factories[iii] to produce goods for large for profit corporations.  The Chinese government has been condemned for detaining people in internment camps, which are basically prisons, where the prisoners are subjected to ideological, and behavioral re-education.[iv] This is the same government that arrested Dr. Li Wenliang for spreading rumors after he tried to warn others about this virus (SARS-CoV-2) and its dangers on social media.[v] While I thought what I was watching with the lockdown that was occurring in Wuhan China was strange, I reconciled things in my head by thinking that the Chinese government does lots of things that many would not consider kind or fair. I remember thinking to myself how lucky I was to live in the United States where something like this would never happen.

On January 21, 2020, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the first case of the coronavirus virus, the virus that causes COVID-19, in someone in the United States.


[vii] The diagnosis was made in a man in Washington State who had traveled from Wuhan China. On Saturday, February 29, 2020, the CDC announced the first death in the United States attributed to the virus that causes COVID-19.[viii] On March 19, 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom issued a stay

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