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My e-book under the title ‘India, Defeat Corona’, is a fictional novel. It is aimed at kindling hope and confidence among my readers. We have to draw inspiration from the popular adage that ‘every crisis is an opportunity.’ We all have to learn to live with the virus. Simple methods like ‘social distancing, frequent washing of hands using soap and wearing of masks’ can help us in keeping the virus at bay, to a large extent. Our scientists all over the world are burning their midnight oil in finding a suitable vaccine to contain this pandemic, which seems a possibility by the end of this year.

We can’t halt the progress of our economy, just for the fear of one tiny virus. It’s a question of ‘lives Vs livelihood’. Stoppage of economic activities can be more disastrous than the pandemic itself! Thanks to our ‘corona warriors,’ who are working hard to contain the pandemic. Let’s salute our farmers, workers, technocrats, bankmen, businessmen and others, who are daring to go ahead, ignoring the threats of the disease. In fact, what can help us in defeating Covid-19, is our ‘Positive Mental Attitude.’ I am sure that we will win this war of ‘pandemic Vs people.’

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