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A Game of Secrets (Hearts in Hazard Book 1)

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A Game of Secrets (Hearts in Hazard Book 1)

Panjangnya: 345 halaman5 jam


Smugglers, secrets and spies: Kate tries to hide in plain sight; Tony tries to catch a spy. First they fall in love, then they fall into trouble with smugglers. Will they survive?


Kate Charteris never expects to become a damsel in distress, yet she must escape her cousin's unwanted attentions. While she might be orphaned in Regency England, she is no damsel who faints at the first sight of a dragon-like trouble.


On the hunt for the lair of smugglers and spies for Napoleon, Tony Farraday never expects to fall hard for a damsel not quite in distress. When he collides with Kate on a street corner, he is instantly attracted to her. Yet Kate must catch the mail coach before it leaves, and Tony still needs orders from the spycatcher Giles Hargreaves.


Neither expects to meet again at a run-down inn on the English coast. On a crumbling cliffside, they vow to pretend to be strangers. Yet their attraction turns into a flame, jeopardizing their secrets.


Then they discover they are in the lair of smugglers used by the French spy. Will the smugglers end their dangerous game of secrets? Or will both Kate and Tony be caught in a watery trap with a watery end when the smugglers sail for France? Have they both lost this Game of Secrets?


A sweet Regency historical romance, A Game of Secrets is a complete novel without a cliff-hanger although the conflict with these French spies continues in A Game of Spies.

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