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Polly Polar Bear Plays Basketball In The Summer Olympics: Funny Books for Kids With Morals, #3

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Polly Polar Bear Plays Basketball In The Summer Olympics: Funny Books for Kids With Morals, #3

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Are you ready to ignite your child's imagination and help them learn important life lessons in a fun and captivating way? If so, read on.

If your child is anything like most, their adventurous spirit is insatiable and each new day presents a brand new adventure

This boundless energy and neverending enthusiasm can be inspiring, but it can also be incredibly exhausting,  especially when it doesn't have a proper outlet.

What if it was possible for you to present the greatest adventure to your children while also keeping them quiet and calm and lost in their own thoughts? Though it may seem too good to be true, this can be easily achieved within the pages of an attention-grabbing picture book; a book that is not only fun, but educational as well!

Did you know that children's picture books can:

Boost confidence,

improve school readiness,

and strengthen verbal comprehension?

Our delightful picture books are perfectly crafted with fun characters, relatable situations, and colorful illustrations that will keep your young readers excitedly turning each page.

"Polly Polar Bear Plays Basketball in the Summer Olympics" encourages children to work together, play to each other's strengths, and focus on what they can do rather than what they can not. Within these pages your child will experience:

A thoughtful story of a young polar bear who rallys her team to victory while playing basketball in the animal olympics

Cute animals with fun and vivid personalities

Enticing, full-color illustrations

Short, rhyming prose that is easy for new readers (ages 2-4) to understand

Lessons about teamwork, problem solving, and self-esteem

There's no better time than the present to gift the children in your life with the joy of reading. Click 'add to cart' and see just what a fun story and some child-like imagination can do.

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