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Life Under Lockdown: The Facts and Lessons of COVID-19

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Life Under Lockdown: The Facts and Lessons of COVID-19

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"This book is dedicated to those we've lost in this pandemic, and to those who risk their lives in the fight against this disease..."


This book tells the on-going story of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pandemic that has ravaged our economies and our society, infecting over 33 million people worldwide, and killing more than a million. This pandemic has not only taken lives, but it has wrecked our global economic and social systems—forever altering the way we view our world and our lives.


This book tells the story of the COVID-19 pandemic from two distinct perspectives.


The first perspective is the story of COVID-19 on a global level, its global impact, and the global response to fight it; while the second perspective is the story of COVID-19 on a personal level, from the perspective of a person who lived in the lock-downed city of Metro Manila, the Philippines, during the global pandemic, separated from his wife and children, worried and fearful for their well-being and safety.


From this book, not only will you better understand this pandemic and what it has done to us, but you will also better understand why all this has happened. From this book you will read and learn the lessons that you and I, both as a global society and as individual citizens, must take to heart if we hope to do better and survive the next pandemic to come, or the next wave of this current pandemic...because, there WILL be a next...


So please, read, learn, and remember.

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