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Sunny's Book of Healing Interstitial Cystitis

Sunny's Book of Healing Interstitial Cystitis

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Sunny's Book of Healing Interstitial Cystitis

332 pages
4 hours
Sep 25, 2014


Interstitial Cystitis can be healed. Sunny Morrow, MEd, BS, DS has healed her IC and in this book she shows you how you can do it too. Using natural dietary and lifestyle changes, you can be free of this disabling and debilitating dis-ease!
Sep 25, 2014

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Sunny's Book of Healing Interstitial Cystitis - Sunny Morrow, MEd, BS, DS

Sunny's Book of Healing Interstitial Cystitis

Sunny’s Book of Healing Interstitial Cystitis

By: Sunny Morrow, MEd, Detoxification Specialist

© 2014 Burgail O. Morrow

All rights reserved.  Except as provided by the Copyright Act, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the author.


This book and anything stated herein is not meant to diagnose or cure any living being. This book is an educational tool only.  The reader of this book and/or the implementer of the education contained herein assume any and all responsibility for their own health.  The writer of this book assumes no liability or responsibility for another being’s health and well-being. Sunny Morrow, Detoxification Specialist (DS) has overcome her Interstitial Cystitis and is sharing her method for success with others in an educational format.  Even though Sunny wears many hats, she has not been bestowed the title of medical doctor.

Photo Credits:

Picture of Sunny Morrow, DS in Introduction taken by Alex vonGleich, 2011

Picture of Two Young Women in Suicide and IC chapter taken by Taylor Lynn Morrow from Taylor Lynn Photography at http://taylmorrow.wix.com/taylorlynnphoto

All other photos taken and drawings by Sunny Morrow, DS.


All testimonials have prior written consent, except unassigned comments from YouTube.

Editor and Formatter: Dachell, Elance.com

Graphic Designer: Digitslogo, fiverr.com

Sunny’s Academic Credentials:

Master of Education, Antioch New England, December 2010

(Theme teaching, Waldorf certificate…)

Bachelor of Science, Frostburg State University, May 2001

(Wildlife, Forestry, Botany, Anatomy & Physiology…)

Associate of Science, Northern VA Comm. Coll., December 1998

(Geology, Chemistry, Economics, Environmental Science…)

Sunny’s Non-Academic Credentials:

Detoxification Specialist, Level II, April 2013

Detoxification Specialist, Level I, April 2012

Raw Foods Lifestyle Coach, 2011

Raw Foods Chef, 2011

Raw Foods Nutrition Specialist 2011

Reiki, Level I and II

Raindrop Therapy Practitioner

Quantum Energy Healing Practitioner

Spiral Dynamics Wizard

Wilderness Survival & Primitive Skills Classes

…various healing retreats and seminars


I humbly dedicate this creative and educational work to my higher power, the energy that moves through all things, that which is the underlying intelligence of all creation, without which I would be lost and wandering aimlessly on this beautiful earth.  I wander, but I am not lost!   I have come to realize that my inner knowing, deeper than intuition, is my direct connection to the One and all I have to do is listen.  Shhhhhhh!

Thank You


In gratitude to my guides who have surely been put through the ringer and my higher power!

I would like to thank the two most influential people in my earthly life.  We agreed before coming to this amazing Earth that they would act as the fiery antagonists against my hopes, my dreams, and my journey.  I realize now that I dug my heels into my path, listened to my heart as much as I could, and created opportunities where others saw only roadblocks because of their agreement with me.

I feel I would suffocate and die if I lived a life sacrificing my passions and I continued to follow my light despite their jealousy, raw hatred, intense criticism, labeling me lazy, calling me irresponsible, and treating me like I was expendable.  These folks had a hand in who I am today, a self-proclaimed wounded healer.

I was able, in the last decade of my grandfather’s life, to make a new relationship with him.  I was able to have the intellectual conversations with him that I had always yearned for, to adventure with him and to welcome the loving embraces he became fond of giving.  I was able to tell my grandfather how influential he was to my growth as a human being and I thanked him over and over for it was he who showed me how to be inspired by knowledge! I was there when he transitioned.  I remain in a state of perpetual gratitude to a person that can never be repaid, in life or death, for the loving kindness he came to show me and not only to me but to all those who knew him.

I would like to thank all people in every Interstitial Cystitis (IC) group I was booted out of because of my blasphemous and traitorous words of inspiration and healing.

It is because of the organizations popping up telling everyone who suffers with IC that it cannot be healed and all of the members of these support groups that I formed my own group on healing Interstitial Cystitis and persevered.   I set an intention to attract only those souls that wanted healing and I attracted into my group some of the most beautiful souls!  Without this new group of dedicated and courageous women and a trickle of men who found me and agreed to use my system of healing, I would not be writing this book today.  They were and continue to be great teachers for me, as I believe that we are all students in one form or another.

I would like to thank Marcy Paini, professionally-trained artist extraordinaire, intellectualist, and spiritual-seeker who was the only person who saw some of the frustration, depression, delights and miraculous triumphs I was going through as I was healing myself.  She willingly drank green smoothies with me, excitedly ate raw meals with me, and was there through one of the most trying times of my life. She even answered the other (younger) students’ questions in our master’s program about why I was bringing my crazy green drink to class every day.  You are the mostest, Marcy.   I love and appreciate you!

I thank my friends who live an inspired life, setting and being an example to all those who are awake to see. I thank everyone who wanted to know about my latest adventure and became excited about this book, who offered timely advice, and all who supported the idea of this book from the very beginning. You know who you are.


I’ve had IC for fifteen years.  After many years of seeing a Urologist and adhering to the standard treatments; the IC diet, over fifty DSMO treatments, Elmiron (a huge clump of my hair fell out), various antihistamines, bladder analgesics, Elavil, etc… I was still in pain and searching for a better way.  My social life had dwindled to nothing, as I couldn’t go anywhere without having to urinate every ten minutes or being in pain.  I was depressed and had requested that my bladder be removed.  I continued on with treatment failure after treatment failure.  I happened upon Sunny’s Go4Discipline YouTube channel and contacted her then joined her Facebook group right away.  I followed the raw diet Sunny recommends and made her green smoothies part of my daily routine.  Miracles began to happen! Today, after fourteen months, I am pain free, urinating every three hours and not at all at night.  Sunny’s knowledge, compassion, and dedication have made all the difference to me.  I will NEVER go back to my old ways of eating and thinking.  I intend to continue on my healing journey and will forever be grateful to Sunny.  She has made a difficult and trying time brighter and much easier for many!

~Paula Bridges Holleman, RN

Healed of IC using Sunny’s system & co-administrator on Sunny’s Facebook page (closed February 2014)

I was diagnosed with IC at age twenty-one.  After one year of suffering with western medicine treatment attempts, I found Sunny’s YouTube videos under her channel Go4Discipline. I jumped head-first into a 100% raw, vegan diet and felt relief in a matter of days for the first time in a long time. With a strict healing plan of diet, herbs, supplements, yoga, and really taking care of my body, I was IC-free within several months.  Eating a high raw, vegan diet has completely changed my life.  I am no longer sick; I have tons of energy, positivity, and finally feel truly alive. 

~Melissa Szaro, http://www.youtube.com/user/melissaintheraw/videos

The cure was right in front of me all along; I just needed some other warriors who have treaded the path ahead of me to open my eyes to see. Thankfully, Sunny was there and I’m still here, not only physically but emotionally and mentally better than ever!  It’s unbelievable to know that I don’t ever have to succumb to disease; it’s in my hands!

~Maria Korns

I am 23 and was recently diagnosed with IC.  I just wanted to tell you that your videos have provided me with a ton of information which I am so grateful for.  You also help me realize that I am not alone.  Thank you.

~YouTube channel comment

Thank you, Sunny Morrow! Thank you for your knowledge, patience and guidance. In less than six months, I have healed an incurable disease, Interstitial Cystitis! I have lost 45 pounds effortlessly! I no longer need to take two blood pressure medications and two heart medications. I am off all drugs and supplements. I passed a tumor in my stool. I saw a huge mole on my torso disappear. My varicose veins are disappearing before my eyes. A huge crater on my face disappeared. I have more energy than I have had in years! I am thinking clearer. My body no longer creaks or has any aches or pains. I will continue to detox my body and strengthen all my weaknesses and heal my body of every condition I have! 

~Karen Gordon

Sunny Morrow is an inspirational role model who has worked diligently over the years to help those with Interstitial Cystitis (IC) not only find relief from their illness, but to fully heal on a cellular level.  No one else understands IC like she does.  She healed herself of the debilitating condition when nobody around her could give her any answers or real guidance that worked.  Sunny’s healing approach is backed by her strong scientific background, understanding, and respected credentials.  Sunny’s Facebook group, which she created and managed for over a year, Interstitial Cystitis – Just A Bump In The Road Of Life, was a supportive, compassionate community of people who healed following her method.

~Daniela Smith

I just found your channel when I googled chronic pelvis pain and I wanted to thank you so much for talking about IC and how you’ve healed.  I have been suffering from IC for months now and it has brought me to the very lowest point of my life. IC has been such an isolating condition and it has constricted my life so much, affecting every activity on a daily basis. The fact that it is invisible was one of the hardest things to handle.  It is impossible to convey to those around me just how excruciating it is. Thank you for creating your videos – I am so grateful to know that I am not alone, although of course, I wish I had a local support group. Anyway, I never send messages to people on here, but I felt compelled to contact you and thank you for your positive and informative videos!

~YouTube channel comment

I had what I thought was a UTI in 2012.  I went through four rounds of antibiotics until the doctor finally said he had no idea what

was wrong with me.  I was left with no answers and the pain got worse each day until I was to the point where I was walking hunched over and not sleeping during the night as the pain woke me up.  For myself, I experienced pain 24/7 and there was no let-up.  I was bed-bound all day.  I finally decided, since the medical community at this point had no answers and my specialist appointment was still 2 months away, I would see if there was something I could do in the meantime.  Researching online, I came upon Sunny and her YouTube videos and she was so inspiring to me!  The key seemed to be a raw food detox!  My first twenty-four hours, I ate nothing but berries and green smoothies and I woke up with no pain at all for the first time in 3 months.  I couldn't believe it!  I figured once I walked around a bit it would be back! Guess what!! It did not come back, not once!  I was warned about going high raw and that having the toxins trying to exit so quickly would most likely not be pleasant, but because my results were so fast, I became addicted to continually eating high raw.  Choosing to detox so quickly, I went into a hard and long healing crisis for three and a half weeks.  I had the worst cold and flu-like symptoms.  I stayed in bed and rested during that time.  My journey is not for everyone, but I’m thankful for the support of Sunny and her Facebook group. When no one else fully understood what I was doing or going through, she was there! Be inspired and believe in the healing power of raw foods.  I’m thankful I did.

~ Cassie Stratton

"When I first started my journey, I was lost in a sea of information and misinformation. I had a plan, but not very much confirmation in terms of success.  There were others who had systems but due to limited funds I had to seek more than just something to purchase.  That's when I ran across the treasure trove that was Sunny's YouTube videos and her Facebook group.  Since following her guidelines, I've had such dramatic improvements.  Aesthetics are the least of my concerns but I am now over 100 pounds lighter and much more agile since starting her detox program, albeit modified to my needs, as everyone should with the art that is detox.  Sunny has been an amazing guide and friend to me. I don't know if I'd be back to work so quickly (5 months) and healed as much without her assistance.  While she specializes in IC, she is the definition of holistic care. Taking into account the mind, body, and spirit, she aims to not just resolve issues via dietary success, but in any avenue that needs tending to in your diet.  She understands that traditional healing seems to be an extreme approach and tailors her system to fit the needs of every

person, especially those who are in need of a gentler form of detox."

~Anthony Rodriguez, http://www.healmyselfnaturally.com/

In 2010, a doctor diagnosed me with over active bladder and in February 2013, the pain and urgency hit me like a brick. I was diagnosed with IC and told it was incurable. I took the meds they gave me and they made me feel worse. By this point, it was a struggle to get out of bed, so I stopped the meds and was left with a mild nerve pain killer. A friend gave me the link to Sunny on Facebook and my life changed! I was already taking raspberry leaf, cat nip tea, eating salads and a tiny bit of white meat. After joining the group, I added the green smoothies Sunny recommended and cut out a lot of junk that was still in my diet. In a short space of time, my pain and urgency decreased. I have now switched to making green juices. I'm happy to say I am now out of bed and living a normal life again with some frequency and muscle issues left that I'm still working on healing as I'm not fully raw [eating only raw foods] yet.

~Beth Rosser

I just found your channel when searching for juicing pancreas" for someone who asked about that at the Fat Sick & Nearly Dead Facebook page. I also just finished watching all of Dan McDonald's 1,148 videos and his 12 DVDs, so I needed another channel to watch. I'm very glad I found yours, because I was diagnosed with IC in 2002, and I thought I needed to avoid citrus for the last 11 years. Earlier this year, I discovered that I should have eliminated meats, dairy, and sugars back then. I've been juicing and eating raw foods for 148 days and have NO more pain in my bladder (or any other inflammation in my body). Actually, I've been feeling great since the end of January and have much more energy. Now, I need to find or make a playlist for your 63 videos, so I can watch all of them in order. Thank you very much!

~YouTube comment

I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis in 2006. The condition became a prison of debilitating pain, anxiety, and despair.  I had been passed from doctor to doctor. Each one telling me that symptoms of pain, urgency, and frequency could never be healed only managed. It is a medical enigma, said one doctor.  Their answer was a blur of medical surgeries, pills, and painful procedures that left me in debt.  In my heart, I knew there had to be another way.  I found Sunny on Facebook and she began to teach me about healing Interstitial Cystitis naturally.  Through her nutritional lifestyle plan, I began to heal.  My IC symptoms began to lesson.  In about a month, I was able to wean myself off of my medications by 90%.  In about 2 months, I no longer needed the narcotic medications. I feel regenerated, restored and clear-minded.  I have hope again because I can see a future pain-free.  I can live my life again.  The burden and despair of illness has lifted, I am full of gratitude and I am happy again.  I am sincerely blessed to have Sunny's plan as a part of my healing process.

~Tracy Pardue


"Yes, I heard the rumors that Interstitial Cystitis couldn’t

be healed.  Lots of rumors have been said about me…

most untrue as well."

~ Sunny Morrow, Detoxification Specialist ~

My IC pain started in 2009 after a few bouts with what I thought was a common urinary tract infection (UTI).  I then started to feel symptoms such as a bloated, red and inflamed lower abdomen including vulvodynia and lower back pain that never went away.  My urine turned dark yellow-brown and smelled disgusting!  I endeavored to heal without seeking answers from the medical community.  As you read this book, my hope is that you will gain an understanding about me and my journey through the IC maze.  In that way, you may also come to realize why I did not seek answers from the barbaric and insane medical community.

I love to read, research, and learn so I delved deeply into alternative healing to find something that would take away the excruciating pain I was experiencing.  As most of us know, the online sites dedicated to IC send waves of hopelessness through you. You leave them feeling a sense of foreboding and helplessness.  I do not know about you, but I could not live like that!  I spend a lot of time in the woods and natural places.  I spend days and sometimes even weeks alone outside camping and hiking.  I take long distance trips in my truck to visit friends and family.  The thought of all that coming to an end forever prompted me to search with fervor for a way to heal.  I did not have health insurance and was against pumping my body full of toxic chemicals that I knew were only a band-aid to the real issues underlying my condition. 

Yes, I tried other healing methods with dismal results. I started to put the pieces together gathered from many sources of information including my past history studying and learning, books, YouTube videos, and online sources and realized the underlying cause of IC.  I made quick and drastic changes in order to heal.  After that, there was no turning back! 

Let me back track just for this paragraph.  After losing my mother when I was thirteen, I felt alone as if I was the only one experiencing this trauma in my life. I did not know a soul who had experienced the same thing.  It took about seven more years, about the time I was yearning for a mother figure to show me how to be a woman, that I found the book Motherless Daughters.  I opened one of the first pages and read a letter in the book. It was so similar to what I experienced that it could have been my story and I sobbed uncontrollably.  I realized then I had never been alone, that there were so many young women like myself who had experienced this same tragedy.  I used that great lesson while charging ahead into the IC maze. 

Even though IC came into my life and I did not know another soul who was experiencing the same thing,

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